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  1. DrummerTW

    Encap with an oreck orbiter ?

    Does anyone else get great results with this ?
  2. DrummerTW

    Carpet buckling for first time in 27 years

    I'm getting 4 hr dry times normally and I had a customer send pics that his carpet buckled in all 3 rooms.. no furniture moved around after cleaning.. and carpets were dry 100% in less than 6 hrs. It rained its ass off all day where we were. I've never had carpet buckle before in 33,000 jobs...
  3. DrummerTW

    Quality commercial contracts

    I'd like to crossover into doing at least 50% commercial this year.. carpets, tile and hard surface floors. Any pointers on gaining new clients easily...
  4. DrummerTW

    Steamwwy 900 owner

    Looking to upgrade to 6.6 vacs...any advice ?