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  1. The Cleaning Artist

    White cotton furniture

    Today we cleaned a 5 piece set imported from Italy at a cost(furniture not the clean) of 20k. We clean them every yr or 2. A tremendous amount of liquid spills and browning. All were removed and the furniture restored again to new condition. Much more difficult than cleaning a cheap viscose...
  2. The Cleaning Artist

    Candle Wax Removal

    This was from a completely melted 2lb red candle. It ran down the dresser and into the carpet. About 10" in diameter. Customer tried the brown bag and iron trick found on google in 1 area. That is the only area that was less than 100% removal. Slight red remained. Color remover was applied and...
  3. The Cleaning Artist

    Strangest request for a cleaning job to date and from a NYer

    Last week a new real estate agent calls us from a recommendation of another agent where she works. We quote her and answer all her questions. Her client is out of the area but has a home here. Beginning of this week she calls again not realizing she is calling the same company again because she...
  4. The Cleaning Artist

    Last Job of the day, commercial at 3pm on Friday

    So I'm on the truck because we have a building 2hrs away that we have never done b4. 3200 ft of commercial carpet, 400 ft ceramic tile, 300ft of vinyl flooring(when arrived this turned out to be vct completely covered in printer ink:mad:) new tennant in building 3 yrs, no cleaning during this...
  5. The Cleaning Artist

    Those that pre-vacuum

    How do you charge for the time required to vacuum? Your truck is still on the job and I consider if the truck is sitting that is downtime. We only make money if that truck is running and the tech is cleaning. Most clients won't pay a profitable rate for vacuuming much less a rate that would...
  6. The Cleaning Artist

    How many of you professionals

    Go back to your jobs to have a look at the real results of your work the next day? A week later? A month later? Yes this is a loaded question. There is a reason I ask. YES we have and regularly do. We do extensive testing for soil removal and long term appearance after the cleaning both in homes...
  7. The Cleaning Artist

    Would you clean this

    In 30 yrs this was definitely the worst I have seen. 1400 sqft
  8. The Cleaning Artist

    2004 Ford van set-up for dual wanding

    450 ft of solution hose on reels with extra 100 hanging 450 ft vac hose on electric reel 200 ft of water supply hose 30 gallon chemical tank<BR>2 pump sprayers 1 inline sprayer<BR>RX 20<BR>Turbo tile tool mini tile tool chem shelf 2 wands Prochem Ti 2 detailer tools with hide-a-hose...
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    Hello from The Cleaning Artist

    I like it and it's FREE!