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  1. willoughby1

    Thermal wave ii vortec no pressure!

    Hey guys just bought a used thermal wave ii and its missing the 180 degree thermal valve right under the water box. Long story short I decided to run the machine with out it and test water pump. I turned the heat off so I wouldnt damage the pump. When engaging the water pump I get no pressure...
  2. willoughby1

    Business Card Design Thoughts?

    So this is the current business card I've been using for the past 3 years and just wanted to see yalls input on it. What ya like what ya don't like what you would change or update? Thanks!
  3. willoughby1

    If Money were Free What Would be Your Setup....

    If money were free and you still had to clean carpets for a living what would be your setup? What would you have bought differently than what you have?
  4. willoughby1

    WTB 47 Blower

    Anyone happen to be selling a roots 47 or larger blower or willing to trade for a 45 blower with money on top? I'm rebuilding my Prochem and wanted to get better vacuum
  5. willoughby1

    Prochem Performer Rebuild (Pics, Detailed)

    So I've decided to rebuild my Prochem Performer even though it is running just fine. The main reasons for the rebuild is one the frame on the bottom was mostly rusted out. Two everything leaked even though it was all really small leaks it annoyed me. Three that leak was going to slowly rot out...
  6. willoughby1

    Truckmount Video finally!

    Not finalized but almost there just a couple more things to do!
  7. willoughby1

    Finally prochem performer!

    Finally got my first tm used about 2300 hours everything functionso properly I'm attaching a video now Sent from my SM-G930V using TMF Forums mobile app
  8. willoughby1

    45 blower

    So I got a chance to grab up a prochem performer with the 45 blower or sutorbilt 4mp to be exact I understand they have about 400 cfm what is the optimal hose run? I currently have 175 foot of 2 inch hose that came with it just curious what the cfm would drop to at that distance if it would any...
  9. willoughby1

    Best Source for Used TM's

    Whats the best websites or sources for used TM's other than craigslist and ebay? Thanks
  10. willoughby1

    Prochem Peak Used Needs Rebuild? What would I be getting into cost wise? I know a new motor would run around a thousand bucks but what about possibly rebuilding if cylinder walls aren't washed out from water oil mixture? Heat exchanger wouldn't be to bad I wouldn't think? Or...
  11. willoughby1

    TM'S to look for and to stay away from?

    So looking at TM'S on Craigslist and eBay and I'm just curious what brands and models to look for and which ones to stay away from? I've browsed the forums not much luck on finding to much about a good started model and what to look for what to avoid! Ohh and my budget is around 5000 or less...
  12. willoughby1

    Time for an upgrade

    I was looking at this guy wasn't sure if it would be a good transition from my porty? I currently have the powrflight black Maxx porty with 2 3 stage vacs and 1800 watt heat. Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-G930V using TMF Forums mobile app
  13. willoughby1

    Ik is been forever but how's this for a before and after?

    Just a quick cleaving needs another cleaning but it should be brand new after the second cleaning. The 1st 2 are before cleaning Sent from my SM-G930V using TMF Forums mobile app
  14. willoughby1

    My setup! Since I've got it pretty much profected

    This is a trailer setup with all chems. A 9000 watt generator a powr flite black maxx port 1085, 50 ft drops cords 10/3 gauge, Diy ramps, oreck orbiter groomer brushes, ext lol.
  15. willoughby1

    Mytee upholstery tool came in!

    Time to get my furniture cleaning going good as well! Any tips?
  16. willoughby1

    Spray tips/ TeeJets

    What's the best jets for my wand it? It is a 2 jet can handle up to 1200 psi I run my machine at 500 psi. When I pull the trigger the pressure drops to a constant 250 300 psi I want it to stay in the 400s I put new jets on it already. I have the 11002 I was thinking about going 110015 or 11001...
  17. willoughby1

    Home advisor?

    I just got a call from Home Advisor saying they'd like to see me up for there lead service they claim they've heard good reviews about me. I'm not sure I haven't closed on the deal just curious what you guys know about home advisor? They want 350 a year....
  18. willoughby1

    How to stop berber wicking?

    How do you stop berber from wicking back so bad it never fails on the cheaper berber they always wick back even when I get them as dry as possible! Do you think post bonnet before floor is dry with the Oreck will stop it or should I bonnet with the Oreck on the wicked spots after they wicked back?
  19. willoughby1

    Test running some new stuff!

    Ik before you say why did I waste my money on that generator I got it for 260 and it's almost new thing works amazing and a great addition to the my equipment probably will use it pretty often when I need it! Nothing amazing with the pics but just showing a little before and after cleaning
  20. willoughby1

    New toy! Royal metal upright Vac!

    Just got this baby today and it works amazing they're 400 new got it for 100 dollars Looks like it's only been used twice even the beater brush looked brand new!
  21. willoughby1

    Cleaning Industry Analysis 2015

    Ill just leave this here
  22. willoughby1

    Certification? Who's all here is? Should I?

    Is certification a big deal did any of you guys get yours before you got in the biz or a year or so later? Who all here does and doesn't have a certification and how long have you been in the biz? I'll get certified for sure just not sure if I need to right now, maybe in a few months or so?
  23. willoughby1

    Generator? Fast read

    So I've ordered everything I need to get back running new tips for wand bonnet and brushes for orbiter. Now I'm contemplating a propane generator about 5000 watts bc my machine always trips breakers always! What do you think 5000 watt enough it has atleast 2 25 amp circuits. My machine needs 2...
  24. willoughby1

    Let's talk numbers. 125 million homes....

    So let's take a look at some hard numbers based on the census. There are approx 125 million occupied homes in america. there are approx 5.6 million capital building with about 88 billion sq feet. About half a million churches in the USA about 100 thousand public schools. Let's do some some...
  25. willoughby1

    Oreck orbital and Wood cleaning?

    So just got the oreck as you guys probably already know and wondering the possibilities with it? Has anyone used it to shine up dull wood floors. I'm super psyched with this amazing little thing. Plus I can't help but continue to try to learn other things and do more! Yea ik what you guys are...