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    Why are the LX Vacuums only placed in series?

    I have noticed with a short 2” hose length and High Performace 3 stage Mytee vacuums in parallel create to much suction and sucks any water droplets or sudds that get close to it through the vacuum. I guess that is too much cfm at that length but I like to maximize my CFM when I am using a...
  2. Black Diamond Cleaning

    Black Diamond Cleaning

    Aloha to you as well!
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    Honolulu Carpet and Tile Cleaning on the Island of Oahu.

    Honolulu Carpet and Tile Cleaning on the Island of Oahu.
  4. Black Diamond Cleaning

    Black Diamond Cleaning

    Professional carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and window cleaning in the city of Honolulu, HI on the Island of Oahu. We have both portables and truckmounts to service the residents on the Island of Oahu.
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    Which truckmounts have you bought since you came to TMF?

    Prochem Blazer for residential. Saves on room and gas and works perfect.
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    Local Expert

    I was just trying to pick the brains of other guys doing their own SEO. Google is looking to rank sites higher if they have more expertise in their field. What makes you an expert your marketing and seo choices. Or is it how long you have business or how good of a job you do. Or is it how many...
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    What size Truckmount?

    I had a 20hp and sold it. I bought a brand new 18hp Prochem Blazer. I also have a 26hp truckmount. A new truckmount from Prochem is nice because it is so turn key and they have the perfect amount of water coming from the pump. Problem with the 18hp is it only can run 3 hoses top. It isnt as hot...
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    SEO is tricky. Meta Tags, Reviews, Keywords, Youtube Viedos, Link backs, google +, facebook, good content. Any can help I can't afford someone but if you can thats the best route.
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    Facebook Fraud likes, and Like Farms.

    If you can choose the area of your promotion how can you get fake likes. I am sure you would notice where the likes where coming from.
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    Soap Scum and Mildew of all Sorts! I'm lost and need your help!

    I would say the grout is discolored from all the build up. I would explain to the customer after so much build up there is only so much cleaning can do. You can either replace it, repair areas, or take a knife and see if the color under the grout is the same. if its not the you might be able to...
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    Do clients care more about price or quality?

    I am always nervous to charge more so I end up doing the extra's for no charge. I gotta work on that one for sure.