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    Featured Official Groutmaster worlds best tile and grout cleaner before & after pics

    . Thai restaurant floor cleaning grout master. 2000sqft, 3.5 hour happy costumer $1,289. No agitation need it.
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    "Upselling" question

    We normally provide estimates by phone and charge for the carpet cleaning based on the number of areas that need to be cleaned (up to 200sqft per area). However, the price doesn’t change based on how dirty it is. Some customers maintain the carpets in really good condition and others not so...
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    Groutmaster on Travertine?

    I️ used grout master on natural stone like travertine and it came out really good, I️ was able to see the difference on the stone and grout lines.
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    Pitching a 50k sq ft commercial job

    I️ charged $.25/sqft for a 20k sqft commercial job, my biggest one so far. Most of the job was done with encapsulation and the hallway was done with HWE. They call me every 6 months for a very light soiled carpet!
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    Looking for new urine treatment

    For urine stain and odor in synthetic fabrics, I always use pure 02 in my pre-spray and USOR once it's cleaned and then walk away. This is for regular odor and stain. For saturated areas you need the water claw.
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    Well said Andre
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    Need Help/Tile problem with grout master

    This floor doesn't look properly cleaned to me. If you used any alkaline product and it doesn't work, it could be because it has sealer or a coating. In this case, you should clean the tile and grout with acid to remove the sealer.
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    List your most effective advertising

    1. google 2. Repeat costumers and referrals 3. Truck wrapping
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    How to prepare for professional carpet cleaning by a carpet cleaning pro!

    Thank you Rob, this helps a lot to my cleaning company
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    We'll Yelp did remove our reviews the minute we said no to advertising with them. We had 10 posted reviews for about a year and then when we said no, they removed all of them. Now, every time our costumers leave us a review it gets "unrecommended" just like the rest of the almost 30 reviews we got.
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    Carpet Cleaning Services - Business Directory

    Carpet cleaning services in Coral Springs, FL. Prime Steamers
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    New secret prespray.

    After testing the New secret prespray for a week, I like that it is a powder prespray that dissolves quickly and it works great on any synthetic fabric, it's a green product, rinse-free and it's not a soap. What I don't like (but is not a big deal) is that at the moment of prespraying, it...
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    CONTEST Best Tile & Grout b4 & after contrast photo

    By Prime Steamers Prime Steamers
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    CONTEST Best Tile & Grout b4 & after contrast photo

    Grout Master By Prime Steamers Prime Steamers
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    CONTEST Best Tile & Grout b4 & after contrast photo

    Travertine Grout master Prime Steamers
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    Acid rinse

    We always use acid rinse and we never have problems with resoiling or browning. Prime Steamers
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    Prime Steamers

    Prime Steamers
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    Yes, Yelp is the biggest online mafia. They have gone through lawsuits because of it's business practices. Go to YouTube and you'll find testimonials of many business owners that have been negatively affected by how this company decides which reviews are "recommended." Some companies have been...
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    Do not Answer their calls after you get some reviews because they will delete your positive reviews if you don't buy their advertising. Save Yelp's number on your phone and don't answer if you are not interested in saying yes to their advertising "deals." German
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    "How much do you charge for just 1 room?"

    Our min is $99, but before it was $79. We're making more money and getting better customers. We're planning on increasing it to $119.99 after new year. The competition in our area have min $50-$60!! Crazy David Medina
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    Tile and grout cleaning

    70 carpet 20 carpet 10% Upholstery German