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    Anybody in Ohio?

    Look for people in Ohio
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    2007 Cleanco 56 in a 2007 Chevy 3500 Extended and portbles and misc supplies and equipment

    Cleanco has 2200 hours van has 170K miles A/C does not work, has a leak, transmission was replaced at 74K. Van was inspected in Oct. Had a buyer lined up he had his mechanic look the van over and gave it a thumbs up and took it to Schapers Interlink in philly to have them go over the unit and...
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    Equipment for sale

    2 Cimexs, one needs new pad holders, 4 portables(one needs new pump) all have hose sets,cords and wands and a couple extra wands, 3 spotting machines, 5 rubbermaid cans with dollies, carpet dying kit, mold testing(air sampling) kit. can text or email photos upon request. I'm located in Birdsboro...
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    2007 Cleanco 56 in 2007 Chevy 3500 Extended

    Van has 167k and unit has 2200 Hrs. Will be ready in 2 weeks, I have to clear out my schedule. A/C does not work, has a leak. Van runs great no problems. Unit functions perfectly. Comes with wave pond hose real, over 300 feet of hoses. 2 wands, stair tool, upholstery tool, sx12, sx7, Gecko...
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    Anybody do trash chute cleaning?

    I know this isnt carpet or upholstery, but looking to get feed back from other carpet cleaners. One of my commercial accounts just contacted me asking if I perform this service. I dont want to just jump in and say yes, but I also dont want to say NO and open the door for another company. I'd...
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    Equipment for sale

    Nikkro EC5000 with 25' 12" hose 180 psi 30 gallon gas compressor with 200' of hose Scorpion rod system with whips, skippers + more Some misc. stuff Can text or email pics on request Oh, I'm selling because I just dont like doing it. Its actually been a pretty good service, I added it just...
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    Review of Phenomenal/Howard Partridge Conferance

    I just got back from the conference in Houston and thought I would share my experience. They put on a Top Notch show and make you feel comfortable and welcome. I met some great people and picked up very good tips from some as well. Although the conference had good info, there wasn't much they...
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    Look What I got...

    I was awarded 2014 Super Service Award from AL. Has anyone else gotten it, and if so did you see an increase in business from getting it?
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    What printer?

    For those that print invoices onsite, what printer are you using. And good and bad with it. I'm not asking if you think using a mobile printer is a good idea or not. I want to hear from guys that are actually using printers on the job. Thanks!
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    Whats your set-up and....

    This is not to compare set-ups or debate systems, I'm just curious what everybody is using and what you think the limitations of your set-up are. I have Nikro EC5000, 185psi gas compressor and scorpion rod and whip package. From what I have experianced so far I'm guessing the Nikro is good out...
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    Thoughts and Advise please.

    The plane was to add pressure washing either in the fall or next spring. I have had 4 calls from current clients about asking if I do it or know anybody. I have been looking around and do some research on units. It appears to get a new unit (heat, min. 4 GPM, 3000psi) would be around...
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    What Machine for CGD encapping?

    What machine would be the best buy for doing Encap on CGD. Taking everything into consideration. Ease operation, quality of work, production rate, durability, co$t, etc....Keep in mind this is for CGD only! Look forward to the responses, please give brief explantion for the machine you suggest...
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    Filters, Filters, Filters....

    Ok, there seems to be something like 20 differant size filters for HVAC units. It's not feasable to stock all of them on the truck with you to replace when your doing duct cleaning. Are there certain ones that are more prevalant than others or do you ask the customer what size the have before...
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    My set-up

    I purchased a used Nikkro EC 2500 and added another motor and fan to make it an EC 5000. Scorpion rod package. 180 psi compressor. I can fit it all in with room to spare. Did my first cleaning today and have 3 more on the schedule.
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    Anybody use ""?

    Has anybody advertised with them? If so is or was it worth it?
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    11,000 Sq. Ft.

    11,000 Sq. Ft. of CGD in a mostly open office suite with 10 offices and a conferance room. The suite was empty but did need to do some cleanup before starting the carpet cleaning. How much would you have charged and how long would it have taken you by yourself no helper?
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    Anybody charge by the hour?

    I had a customer today that told me another guy told her he charges by the hour for carpet cleaning. I told her thats new one for me, I never heard of anyone doing that!
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    What would you do?

    The following is an email I recieved today. What would you do and how would you respond? " " Initially I was thinking of needing one room, steps and hall way cleaned. But if the price is affordable, I would seriously consider to have additional rooms done. One concern is, I will need to move a...
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    BBB are you accreditted? If so is it worth it?

    I am considering getting "accreditted" with the BBB, its not a ton of money ($423.00) for 12 months. Just wondering how it has worked out for those that are or were. Any additional thoughts also. Thanks
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    Powr-flite Hybrid Deluxe air mover

    As getting more WD's is one of my top priorities this year, I've been looking to add more equipment. Since I dont have a box truck space is a premium, so size matters. I just picked up 4 powr flite hybrid deluze air movers from Interlink and I'm impressed at the size and versatility of them...
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    Home Shows

    Has anybody done any home shows? If so any success? Also looking at doing a trade show for Property managers? Thoughts and feedback, please.
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    What Phone?

    For those that use their cell phones as a business tool, what do you have and what do you find to be the pro's and con's? I have iPhone 4s, its my 4th iphone. I've been having problems with it and hate that I have to make an appointment at the "genuis bar" and drive 35/40 minutes to get to it...
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    Adwords # of Jobs and budget?'s

    For those that are or have used google adwords what would your average # of jobs be a month, peak season. And on what size monthly budget? Not looking for to many specifics, but if you want to share those please do.
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    Air Compressor Question

    So from all that I have read and seen I should have at least 175psi but 200psi would be optimum, correct me if I'm wrong on that. I've been looking around and units with those specs generally have a 13HP engine and min. of 30 gallon air tank. I found a used one that has 220PSI but the tank is...
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    Uhg...I try not to take it personal, but..

    The other day my neighbor's furnace kinda blew up. A bunch of oil collect and than ignited. Everybody got out ok,wife and 2 kids and came to our house to keep warm and so their kids could play with ours. While hear My wife explains to the neighbor that everything is going to need to be cleaned...