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    Question: I purchased a new wand , with 2" tube, 5 jets, swivel head. I adjusted all the jets so they are turned the same way for the proper spraying pattern, and did this restaurant and it left major streaking. I had other jobs that it did the same thing with. so I ran a test on 2...
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    looking for a truck mount repair service in SW lower michigan.
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    water pressure

    Why won't my water pump keep up with the water used from the water box. it seems to really fill the water box slow? about every 10 minutes I have to go to the truck and and wait for the water box to fill before getting water pressure back up. it really get's annoying. I did have a...
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    factory offices w/propane hilo soot

    I just bid a factory office area that has propane Hilo soot on the carpet. when they vacuum it's black dust that comes up. what's a good combination of chemicals to use for this. they say they don't remember it ever being cleaned professionally. I do have a cimex, and truck mount.
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    saphire scientific 570

    lately I've been getting a half hour into the job and I lose pressure, and only get a mist coming from the wand. I can usually restore pressure it by tinkering, like turning the pump switch on and off a couple times, wiggling hoses ect... its sorta getting old and would like to get to the...