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    TMF CRB 15 inch Gear repair kit how to change a gear

    anyone know how to get the rivet bolts off the old gears to put on the new gears new gears come without. can't find these types in ace hardware or anywhere.
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    Grout lines not releasing dirt used high pH then tried Viper Renew no change whats next?

    Hi guys, So i'm at a loss, I cleaned a 2 -3 year old tile floor that was supposedly just mopped no wax products used etc. Was out of groutmaster so used viper II according to instructions and had not great results. tile came clean and bright but grout didn't release everywhere not just oils in...
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    Selling a year old in Excellent Condition Mytee T-Rex Jr Rotary Extractor

    This was purchased from Steambright aprox. 1 year ago and was a floor demo after working with a Rotary a few times i see the advantage but I realized it doesn't fit my style or business model despite being a great machine It is being sold with a few accessories including an additional cleaning...