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  1. Evan Papageorge

    Dirty and thin wool runner- how would you clean it?

    I am thinking of misting on a wool safe fine fabric pre spray, then using a hand bonnet on the edges, and rinsing with the saphire upholstery hand tool. Do you think this is best? I fear of overwetting otherwise. How would you tackle this? Many thanks!
  2. Evan Papageorge

    Please help! Chinese food stain that wont budge

    Hi all, So a great customer of mine called saying that an employee had carried a bag of Chinese food across the office not noticing that it had been dripping all the way to the lunch room! Please see pics... the stain is about 30 feet long... I having JUST taking out a huge donut oil spill/...
  3. Evan Papageorge

    Small Engine Repair In Toronto?

    Hello all, I've been having problems with my Kholer engine overheating. I see that it may be due to a small leak in the coolant moving from the rad to engine. Any suggestions with regards where to take this? It has been hard to find someone to look at it because its hooked up to the TM. Any...
  4. Evan Papageorge

    Where to buy vacuum solenoid switch that controls heat exchange?

    Hello all, Thanks to all TMF people who have helped me over the years with my white magic! In the early fall my vaccumm solenoid switches stopped working and i have been using the TM ( albiet sparingly in the winter months-up here in Canada) by manually opening and securing the heat exchanger...
  5. Evan Papageorge

    Grease build up on restaurant carpet advise

    Hello all, I got a call to look at this restaurant carpet with lots of grease build up. Its one of the worst i've seen .. the previous owner never had them cleaned... in total the area spans about 400 sft. (65 seat restaurant) normally, for this space i would charge around 250cad... (night...
  6. Evan Papageorge

    Oil Cap keeps popping off when

    The problems for me this year have been endless with this 6 year old machine... The oil cap on the kholer engine keeps popping off and no longer locks shut... can anyone recomend a fix? Also as of yesterday we are getting no hot water.. looks like there is no suction coming from the vaccuum...
  7. Evan Papageorge

    TruckmountEngine turns over but won't start

    Brought in into my repairman the other day and we discovered that the fuel pump was not working. This was resolved when changing the heads on some wiring that got wet. Machine would then run nicley. Now after 3 days of not using the thing, it won't start. Fuel is being pumped and I don't think...
  8. Evan Papageorge

    How to clean limestone

    Experienced with carpet and porcelain/ ceramics but a friend of mine wants her limestone and grout cleaned. I use a truck mount with 1000 Psi and with a tile wand with viper venom for ceramics but I've read this might not be safe for limestone which is heat sensitive and more porus. Any advice...
  9. Evan Papageorge

    Viper venom question for ceramic tile cleaning

    Hello, I've used this chemical in the past with 1000 psi on my truck mount to restore dirty tiles on many occasions. It seems to work well but I was wondering if there are any other products that people have success with. Sent from my SM-G903W using TMF Forums mobile app
  10. Evan Papageorge

    How to remove tar from a low pile synthetic carpet

    Hello ! Tar leaked from the roof of building we are about to clean, spilling onto the carpet. Is this a lost cause? Or, should a hi psi and hottest setting on my truck mount combined with the right chemicals help the cause? Sent from my SM-G903W using TMF Forums mobile app
  11. Evan Papageorge

    Please Help! White Magic Commander HO

    Hello! TMF I am having problems with hot water build up in my Commander Ho. Water seems to get really hot in the machine but doesn't divert and stays in machine and doesn't come through the wand (water is cold to warm out of the jets). When I switch on the water exit valve the water is...