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    I hate f*#!%#g with portables.

    I have a water hog/air hog combo that I run from my van. Works great, I also get good dry times even at 150ft. I clean with 300 to 400 psi.
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    NorthStar Diesel Heater

    Hello to all and thanks in advance for your help. I have a Northstar diesel heater that I’m using for my mighty air hog/water combo. It gives great heat when it is working but for some reason the heat goes out almost every job. It’s brand new so I don’t think it’s any issues with the unit. Are...
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    Will do thanks for your help
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    Appreciate it. right now I have an oreck. I was trying to see if a sebo duo was a step up or if I’m good with my oreck until I can afford a CRB
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    Appreciate the input
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    Yo What’s up to all, I’m new to TMF just wanted to get some opinions about what’s better for agitation, a sebo duo or an Oreck Orbiter. I know a CRB is probably top of the line when it comes to agitation but 2000+ is not what I’m willing to spend atleast not right now. What are your thoughts?