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    Couch covers are Machine Washable

    The entire frame cover and cushion covers come off so all of it can be washed and tumble dried without heat or line dried. However they are a PITA to get back on. It will be a lot easier to HWE than fight with the covers to machine wash. Be honest, give her the options and go from there...
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    What’s the portable “sweet spot”?

    For something off the shelf, Mytee already has it. 3 cords or 4 if using the T-rex is not that big of a deal to me. Unless you get all of the cords tangled up and I'm not discussing that right now, or ever again. :meh:
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    Tons of hair in the carpet.

    Only if they use it. So many people think they can vacuum once a month with the same results as every other day or once a week vacuuming.
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    Rotovac 360XL VS. Mytee T-Rex

    Still on my Must Have list.
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    Are you running an inline filter?

    Dollar store---they don't care. Amazon---no one knows.
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    Really BBB?

    If you're not a member just ignore it.
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    Really BBB?

    If you are a member they want you to prove that you stand behind your guarantee according to the BBB standards. I'm not sure how you would prove that if no customer has ever asked for their money back..... that's a good thing. I guess you could simply say I've never had anyone ask.You have to...
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    did a video I posted go bye bye

    Customers don't, but we should to an extent. All the customer wants are clean carpets/floors/furniture. From a cleaners point of view on chems, we want the most bang for the buck. The customer wants the best job for the least amount of money. Investigating the chems we buy should be of...
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    did a video I posted go bye bye

    Even that's not good enough of me. If someone, anyone (company) wants to go around throwing stones they need proof to back it up. I want to see the chemical analysis for each product. I'm sure it's been done, we're just not privy to that info. That alone will tell you what is better and has more...
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    did a video I posted go bye bye

    I don't think I've ever used any of their products.....lemme go look.....Nope, just Bridgepoint, TMF and various other assorted ingredients, chemicals and sundries but no Legend Brands. I'll make damn sure I don't use them either.
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    did a video I posted go bye bye

    I didn't see anything of substance in the video other than 24/7 tech support and complete labeling. I have noticed a few companies lacking SDS sheets for products and when asked they say it's coming but it never appears. Isn't it a federal law that everything have an SDS sheet?
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    Are you able to contribute anything remotely informative to this forum or industry? Your default post are guns, politics and instigating fights. Sometimes it's better to remain silent than to post something and remove all doubt. On the other hand, at least we have confirmation.
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    The other thing is that if you have a job that you know will need longer dry times or a nit picky customer, do that job when the humidity will be the lowest for that day. You find charts for that online that are usually pretty good. Or you could have a customer like mine who is obsessed with...
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Is it worth spending the money on Dehu, most likely not but if you want it, go for it. Carpet has been cleaned in Florida forever, most people understand that when the RH is at 80+% year round water does not evaporate that quickly. I think your...
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    That didn't take long.
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    That's achievable in the desert between 12 and 6 PM in the summer. No dehu or air movers needed. However if you plan on staying in Florida you do need to lower your expectations.... a lot. Do a search for dry times, maybe you'll find something.
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    Doing this I never got call backs - ever

    I don't understand the reasoning behind no dry strokes, wand keyed all the time and the swamp line at the end of the stroke. I can't bring myself to do any of that so I really shouldn't comment, maybe it does work, I see a lot of people doing it.
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    Tong Dang Bentley Swivel Wand

    I have yet to see or drive a Promaster City new or used that does not make your teeth chatter in gear at idle. It only gets worse with the a/c on. Go full size or the Ford Transit Connect.
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    Tong Dang Bentley Swivel Wand

    And why is he using the same verbage of the person he's trying to hide from? I think you've made an impact, Jim.
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    CRB vs. ORECK XL

    Drill brush works for me too. You can get the variety box and it includes the most popular brushes for various surfaces. Just watch your speed so you don't sling dirty prespray all over the walls and balusters or make a shroud for the brush.
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    Rotovac 360i Bonnet Cleaning

    I've wondered about this with the T-Rex. Should I get the Oreck or should I get the pad driver for the TRex.
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    What’s your cash advance policy for employees?

    Yes but the amount depends on the employee. It usually gets paid back in 3 or 4 pay periods and I deduct the payment amount post tax when I do payroll.
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    Let’s talk about “bait & switch”

    I had one of those earlier this week. I told her she could move into the service area. I guess she didn't like it because she hung up. :ROFLMAO: What makes these people think we would even want to work for them after they go crazy? I'm sorry but your tantrum is not going to make me see things...
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    Please help!!!

    Sometimes it just needs a match and accelerant. Some of the hardest lessons in life are learning to ask for help and when to ask for help. The other is knowing the difference between confidence and cockiness. Two completely different things but so many mistake one for the other.
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    Mytee air hog vac booster 7303

    I'm glad someone finally caught that. I was sittin here scratching my head.