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    Health Risks and Chemistry

    Thanks for all the replies. I think I’ll try some other presprays and see if there is something that I like as much. I am not going to go crazy and return what I got, but I will factor health into my choices going forward.
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    Health Risks and Chemistry

    I found a you tube video on that specific chemical and they talked about concentrations that were numerically very small risk,which is probably the case here, however an accumulation in our water supply can have profound problems for a community. Therefore if there are comparable products...
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    is this equipment good for Newbie?

    Sounds good to me. You will buy some more things to make it go smoothly of course but the first thing will be more hose so you can reach your carpet jobs. Best of luck! Enjoy!
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    Health Risks and Chemistry

    Recently I was mixing my prespray Grand Slam from Matrix (’s custom brand) and I noticed the consistency had changed (for the better). Curious, I read the label closely and noticed a warning that I don’t remember seeing before. : Using this product may expose user to 1,4-dioxane , which...