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  1. mikew

    Hot sauce stain on carpet.

    Family member in another state spilled hot sauce on her carpet. Was wondering if anybody had any home tips she could use. She has a home carpet cleaner. Thanks for the help.
  2. mikew

    Hard hot starting on a 454 ss

    Need to follow this post. Same issues.
  3. mikew

    wondering what you cleaners on the east coast charge. We are out here in California.

    Out here we get these prices CARPET.30-.50 TILE.75-.95 (clean only) TILE 1.15-1.25 (clean & seal) Upholstery $15 Was just wondering what the difference is across the states.
  4. mikew

    Color enhancers

    I have heard DuPont makes a good product. Is the Enhancer Pro a wet look or is it more muted look?
  5. mikew

    Color enhancers

    Thought about that but they don't want a wet look.
  6. mikew

    Color enhancers

    Thanks. I have a customer in a high dollar home that wants there grey slate patio done. So I'm trying to get some info for him on what to expect as far as how long it will last and when to expect to touch up enhancer. Any recommendations on a color enhancer that is quality?
  7. mikew

    Color enhancers

    I am looking for a good color enhancer for an outdoor slate patio. Also how long will it last before it needs to be redone?
  8. mikew

    Longevity of a good color enhancers.

    Two part question. I was wondering what the best color enhancers are. 2nd was also wondering how long they last. I have a customer that has an 1100sg grey slate patio and wants it color sealed. Thanks in advance for your input.
  9. mikew

    Help choosing a vacuum cleaner.

    I would get one that's sucks
  10. mikew

    terrazzo tile

    Best advice you could get. Some classes are even free.
  11. mikew

    Door Hanger Advertising

    I hope he meant 350 sq because 3500 sq is over a $1000 for me.
  12. mikew

    How far ahead do you book

    I was in the same boat. I made sure I got my repeat customers in. Worked Sunday's for awhile. Didn't want to loose repeat money. I did add a second van eventually took a big load off able to do more jobs big jobs faster. Plus not slammed 7 days a week anymore. Able to have a life and enjoy my...
  13. mikew

    boxxer 427 won't start after my last job earlier in the Moring ? Could it be a stuck blower?

    Check all of your waste tank screens basket & filter.
  14. mikew

    Was wondering how & what you guys are charging for tile counter tops?

    I like that price Todd. Sometimes it's just such a small area. Thanks good idea.
  15. mikew

    Was wondering how & what you guys are charging for tile counter tops?

    Hey guys I was wondering how you charge for tile counters. When you are already doing the floors. I have a minimum of $250-$275 for counters to clean and seal. Just wondering what and how everybody else prices them as a min. & as an add on.
  16. mikew

    Servpro employment ?

    Just being honest. Your chances are not good about getting hired. The reason I see is because you already have a carpet cleaning company. So if you go to work for them and do a good job to where the custys start requesting you. Servpro could loose work and customers. Even if you tell them your...
  17. mikew

    I cleaned a Playboy Centerfolds carpets today, for the second time.

    That's because they get hard wood.
  18. mikew

    Urine on wool carpet.

    Got a job next Tuesday and my customer has white wool carpet with the brightest yellow urine stain. Wanted to know if you guys might have a trick for this or if I should stick with my old method.
  19. mikew

    The Customer Experience

    Offer a happy ending with each Scotchgard purchase.
  20. mikew

    I got a customer that wants me to use no chemicals at all for their cleaning.

    Try using Procyon plus. Works great no soaps no dyes no smell. I use it when I run into these people. Or women who are pregnant. Use as a pre spray get it as hot as you can. Let it dwell then clean water rinse.
  21. mikew

    Finally landed the big residential job $$$$

    Thanks guys. It's just me and a helper. The rugs I explained I have to do off site and to give up to 2-3 weeks. But the rest we can knock out in a day. A VERY long day. She is in the process of moving to a bigger house so there is not a rush for the rugs.
  22. mikew

    Finally landed the big residential job $$$$

    Forgot I am also cleaning here master bath tile and shower plus sealing it.
  23. mikew

    Finally landed the big residential job $$$$

    Most of the price comes from the area rugs. Carpets went .25. Sofas went $12 but gave her free protectant on the furn. Rugs went $3.00 all wool with fringes. 1200+ sq of rugs. Believe me I have her a good deal. There is ALOT of work involved.
  24. mikew

    Finally landed the big residential job $$$$

    All my hard work finally paid off. This lady called me at 7:30pm and asked if I could come over and give here a estimate she sounded upset/panicked. So I said sure no problem I'll be there with in 30 minutes. " Oh thank you so much". So when I get to the home she says she wants everything...
  25. mikew

    Removal of wine stain?

    Try Pro's Choice USR works great on wine stains.