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  1. beachsidecc

    Should I do it?

    Yea Dave I have cleaning on back burner also...making $250-$500 a day from the beach in NSB and Canaveral Seashore.. commercial fishing.. Cant get away... Fresh air, rays, eye candy.... Ohh except for CNS lot#5 nude beach lol - no eye candy there!
  2. beachsidecc

    Should I do it?

    I see everyone saying you wont have time to do this.... and turning away any calls would be failure. I don't think so... Start small, go on word of mouth... You may want to let your customers know who you are (firefighter) and that your time is limited. Worse case you do turn down jobs... is...
  3. beachsidecc

    Top ten of the best Carpet Cleaning websites out there now?

    That is a stock image and is not property of Chem dry.
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    Little girl called us - Was my answer mean??

    Appreciate the kind remarks bro! Eddie is an all around good dude. Definitely goes outta his way for customers.. A TEAM HUH, vaguely rings a bell.. that's low but, truth is hard work pays off... I'm glad to see it worked out for you and Toury thru that BS. HAH! I did one of those PO to Cali...
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    Little girl called us - Was my answer mean??

    EZ come EZ go with us Dave ;) I am not with Beaches? Crazy enough though I almost started a biz with that name. LOL still might. Anyways I am Eddie's neighbor/tech. of 10+ years. Does Eddie Dean ring a bell? He's been in Daytona since the dinosaurs. Prolly has'nt spent a dime on adv since...
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    Little girl called us - Was my answer mean??

    Wow, just wow. I probably would of had to have words with him about this. Seems like an indicator of something bad coming their way.
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    PreSpray Question

    If you close windows and turn off fans you should be fine with your original thinking. We usually hit them back on as we finish a room. Run solution in first, spray entire area(granted its nothing huge) walk hose end back into furthest room. Run vacuum in. Back both out as you clean. I...
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    Top ten of the best Carpet Cleaning websites out there now?

    all I got here 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  9. beachsidecc

    Top ten of the best Carpet Cleaning websites out there now?

    10 is too much work! Maybe more later but for now I'll just pick one of the major players and a good ole O/O 1. 2.
  10. beachsidecc

    Top ten of the best Carpet Cleaning websites out there now?

    OK I can hit you with 10 good ones give me a bit to compile..
  11. beachsidecc

    Mytee M5 plus

    Where is this located?
  12. beachsidecc

    Should TMF add a Spanish (and multi-language) speaking section?

    Waste of time in my opinion Tre, it will create a divide of information across the forums due to the language barriers. I believe that if anyone is smart enough to contribute to these boards they are smart enough to speak it in clear English.
  13. beachsidecc

    What odor grosses you out?

    Cleaned a walk-in freezer in a closed down Shells restaurant. It was full of old boxes of crab legs, rats, roaches, and maggots.
  14. beachsidecc

    The right truck mount to start business?

    Roger Maintaining it is a key factor. Since you are going to be new to this equipment you should consider asking your local sales/repair shop what they offer and what they can service.. What ever you do decide on you do not want to have to drive two states over to have it worked on should...
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    We book at 9-12-3 with no window. Most customers have no problem with us coming early if needed, or when we have to push jobs back and be late.
  16. beachsidecc

    Where's the media ?

    The fact you are countering this argument with such a lack of intellect is amazing. Please stop trolling, shouldn't you be quietly sitting in the governors office waiting for your life to mean something or is this the best you can do? lol. Mods? This thread.. please lock, move, delete...
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    How many competitors are in your area?

    Larry I am south of you in Daytona, obviously it is not like the Jax/Orlando/ Tampa markets.. I would say a few dozen here maybe up to 50+, and that a guess. At our local truck mount shop there are at least 50 carpet cleaner business cards tacked to their board. This year though, I have seen...
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    Steroids and Carpet Cleaning....

    Ironic you say that in complete sarcasm! Good luck with that whole mind set OJ! lololol...
  19. beachsidecc

    Steroids and Carpet Cleaning....

    Sounds like you are and always have been destined to be a meat head.. lol. Get your head checked first, you may discover the root issue.
  20. beachsidecc

    Steroids and Carpet Cleaning....

    There is no reason you cannot make 2.5 million a year cleaning carpets without the steroids, granted you could with them. As for sports... there is no room for ANY PED... if you think so you need to be real with yourself and think about this fundamentally.. it is a GAME. Do not cheat...
  21. beachsidecc

    Going to try this on facebook...

    great way to create "buzz" good luck