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    How do you guys carry furniture blocks, lift buddy, tabs, sliders?

    I have a duffel bag with my logo on it that I currently carry this stuff in. The problem is that the sliders and blocks are a little awkward to get out of the bag because the they mix all together. Furthermore I have been systematically losing sliders because I don't have an easy way to verify...
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    What is your market? Demographics?

    I don't know how to do a poll but I would love to know what the demographics of your customers are. I am mostly speaking to companies that do sq foot pricing and are above average for your area. So what is the age range of your typical customer? 45-60 45-75 40 and over? Households with...
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    High lift truckmount

    anybody use or modified a tm for high lift. Most truckmounts run at about 15 hg lift. If I built one that ran at 22.5 hg lift then the vacuum flow would increase by about 50% theoretically . From what I have researched I would need a different grade blower and water injection to make it...
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    wtb whittaker gls or lomac 15"

    I need another crb machine for a second van, anyone have one collecting dust? These were sold under several names, brush pro, pile brush, whittaker gls, lomac and sold by brush and clean. Pm me if you have one. Thnaks
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    drive pulley from performer 405

    I need a drive pulley from a performer 405 or similar. I am refrering to the pulley that bolts to the flywheel and drives the blower. Anyone? Email me at [email protected] and I will pay reasonable price plus shipping. Thanks in advance
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    Tm mod to lower heat

    I know, I know lower heat? Well the reason I thought of this was to use a hydraforce sprayer. I have a high heat tm and wanted a quick way to lower temps to spray carpet. This is my idea. place a solenoid valve inline direct form the pump to the pressure line right past the last heat...
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    Disadvantages of Nissan ud

    I was thinking about buying a an early 2000s nissan ud for my next van. I would have the box cut down like the vortex with a door on the side. I think the vortex truck looks the best but I don't don't want to go the vortex route. I would put a large machine in it, like a performer 805. I...
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    want to buy! Rx20 in north cali

    I need an rx20 in northern california. Anyone have an extra? Email me at [email protected] and let me know what you have. Thanks in advance, Rich
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    sutorbilt/fuller 4mf blower, low hours for sale

    I have a fuller/sutorbilt 4mf out of a prochem pto with less than 2000 hours for sale. Prochem pto, Sigh, great concept but over engineered and too many moving parts for reliability. This is a very hard to find low hour blower if you have a older machine that needs one. Make me an offer. I...
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    Best o-rings Nitrile, viton, green ones for ac

    Man my tm is hot! but it burns up the o rings in the qc's fast too. Does anyone know which o-rings would hold up to heat better? I believe that most qc's come with Nitrile, Viton o-rings are supposed to hold up better to chems. Those green ones that are used in auto ac must get pretty hot too...
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    Wanted roots 47, cat pump,

    I am building another machine and looking for a roots 47 and rebuildable cat 290 with a clutch.