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  1. rccva

    Mr.saiger and jared from odorcide

    I just read this feed and it is entertaining. The one question that comes to mind is do you guys carry all these different chems in your trucks? I usually have 2 steam products, 1 everyday and 1 nasty. I carry 1 encap product that I use all the time, I have 1 product for urine, 1 for rugs and...
  2. rccva

    Rotary vs zipper

    If you're doing large commercial you don't really need to vacuum when finished, the janitorial will take care of that. Don't waste too much time with an Oreck, we have one and it's only used if we need to spot a drink spill or something. Too small and lite.
  3. rccva

    Orbot Vibe Question

    The vibe is great, I've ordered 2 from TMF. I had the Mytee eco17 previously and the vibe runs much smoother and easier. Your wife won't have any issues running it, just don't ask her to load and unload it.
  4. rccva

    Needs advice. Unsuccessful carpet clean.

    Ok, now that you have a list of everything you need to purchase... throw it away. Don't go out spending a bunch of money thinking those tools are going fix your problem. It seems your process is broken, take the time to fix the process and you'll be fine. That carpet should have come cleaner...
  5. rccva

    Thank you JON-DON and Mark Saiger!!

    Quite the improvement! Don't show Sandy, definitely don't want to compete with yourself.
  6. rccva

    Thank you JON-DON and Mark Saiger!!

    I may be seeing things, but aren't these the same picture?
  7. rccva

    Contractor Connection

    Has anyone had experience with Contractor Connection? I am being told that they are the source of water jobs and I need to be on there. But their requirements are crazy long, and it would be a long and expensive path to get on there. Any comments or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. rccva

    VLM shines

    I love pad capping, but when it comes to restaurants it can't match the cleaning ability of a TM. I have restaurant clients that use to use an encap cleaner and when I came in and cleaned they were blown away. I do both methods, but not on restaurants.
  9. rccva

    Pros and Cons of a Butler system?

    I agree with most of this, but I'm on Butler number 6 or 7 and I disagree with a couple things. Rust from leaks and water usage: Maintain your unit and there won't be leaks... Leaks can happen with any unit. Repairs more complicated: I am not a mechanic, replacing a part by disconnecting a...
  10. rccva

    Orbot Sprayborg VS Orbot Vibe

    I will say I did like the handles and the triggers on both handles. Oh and keep in mind, you need a 30amp? outlet for the sprayborg? There were times I didn't have an outlet I could use.
  11. rccva

    Orbot Sprayborg VS Orbot Vibe

    This is a good comparison, but after using the sprayborg for awhile, I have a few opinions of these 'features'. The removable jug was a huge draw for me, until I found out that it's almost impossible to load a full jug without spilling it. A jug with liquid expands and the metal bracket...
  12. rccva

    Zipper Wand

    CGD is a beast when it comes to tools. The only tools that work everytime on it are VLMs and wands. All other tools will have issues based on the type of fibers and installation. Sometimes the Zipper works great and sometimes it doesn't, it isn't a master tool for everything. I personally...
  13. rccva

    FB Got worx issues ?

    My IPS has died this week, not quite a year old, although I'm not thrilled it has died, a year is longer then I've gotten out of most sprayers. I might try out the Worx sprayer but I'm just a little leary of trying it. Most things I purchase due to mass forum excitement end up being overpriced...
  14. rccva

    Home Advisor

    A friend of mine owns a small construction business and his number 1 source of work is Home Advisor. They love it. I have been considering it since no one else here is using them, but I'm a little fearful due to this forum. I spend about 300 per month on Google AdWords and was thinking about...
  15. rccva

    Frustrated with Olive Garden.

    I use to do all the Darden restaurants in the area, for about 15 years. They went with a company from the next state even though the managers fought for me to stay. It's a hard pill to swallow but they will be back eventually.
  16. rccva

    Who decides which method? You or Customer?

    Agree... VLM takes educating the customer, we don't volunteer the information unless they ask. Much easier that way.
  17. rccva

    Does anyone post here anymore?

    I started around 2012 under a different name, more as an observer. Yes, a lot of the names have changed but it's still a great place for reference. I truly wish all the forums could get along so that we could have 1 big forum with all the great teachers and influencers of the industry.
  18. rccva

    Does anyone post here anymore?

    When was before? I've been watching this forum for several years. I see a lot less trash talk now then before, which is an improvement. No matter what was here before, or is here now, this is a great place for helpful information.
  19. rccva

    Does anyone post here anymore?

    I agree, I think there are many people on here who want to help. The last couple post I had received many good responses. There are a few that will trash you for whatever reason they can find, but if you ignore those you will find a lot of good information. This is my go to forum.
  20. rccva

    Who decides which method? You or Customer?

    Why is it that we have to explain our methods? Aren't they just hiring us to get their floors clean? Do other industries have to explain how they do their jobs? When my vehicles go to the dealership I never need an explanation of how they are going to fix it, I just want it fixed. Does...
  21. rccva

    Who decides which method? You or Customer?

    Ha! I just saw this, it's funny you said this, I was thinking about laying out all the hose and then running the vibes. But then everyone has cameras these days.
  22. rccva

    For Sale: Mytee T-Rex

    What's the setup on the filter?
  23. rccva

    What are you thankful for

    Thankful for the ability to live out the lives we choose in this great country.
  24. rccva

    I have backed off upholstery for a while

    This probably won't be too popular but I started cleaning furniture about a year after starting my business. I was concerned that I didn't know what I was doing but cleaned for about 3 years before taking an IICRC class. I enjoyed the class but it didn't change a single thing about the way I...
  25. rccva

    Optical Brightener Carpet Cleaning Danger

    I remember using that kool-off back in the 90s, it was a foil type package with a soaked towel inside. Pretty much a one-time-use thing. It did seem to work fairly well.