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  1. K Wiens

    Garden Hose connection leaking

    Hello, First off, thank you for your time. The challenge: The connection between my garden hose and my truckmount drips. I used different hoses, and it still leaks. I Used thread sealant, and it helped. It still leaks though. Do I need to replace the O ring in the female 3/8in Mpt X Female...
  2. K Wiens

    OLD coffee stains won't come out of Commercial Carpet (church)

    Okay, I have tried using: 1. baking soda/vinegar (Followed by Hot water extraction) 2. SPOT Remover by TECH 3. I even purchased the grey tool box from with the biology lab inside THE STAINS WON'T COME All the way out! HELP!!! I also have a Corn based Carpet with pet liquid/stains...
  3. K Wiens

    Little to invest, hard work ethic, rural area HELP!?!?

    My name is Kris and I am moving from beautiful Colorado with my wife and 15 month little girl to Iowa where her side of the family lives. The area we are moving to temporarily, with her folks, is VERY rural. Our goal is to buy a cheap home out there since we could use our equity from our...