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  1. Mikey34

    Selling stuff anyone interested make offers

    Lots of stuff make offers I'm basically in DC. The Amtex is a piece of shit 300 hrs I keep the blower lubed and spin it over Anyways I don't really feel like doing cleaning w a portable. I've since been telling people I don't clean anymore. The trailer can be for sale also.
  2. Mikey34

    My crazy neighbor...

    Came home to this, they have an 11 year old and a 13 year old at home... That's my house pictured on the first page
  3. Mikey34

    Any good vct guys around fairfax va?

    Hey I got a pretty decent job I think for someone to do in fairfax va. It's probably about 5k Sq ft in a school/church for my pops. If anyone out there is interested u can call or text my cell (703) 772-0341 and I can get exact measurements, pictures and I definitely will have all tables...
  4. Mikey34

    Marble and travertine help advice needed

    Weird spots on marble brand new install Then the cleaning company used "rejuvenate" marble polish from Home Depot. It looks extremely hazy now. I am assuming it just needs cleaned, and maybe run over it w a 3000 grit pad? but I'm looking for advice. Also some travertine that they didn't...
  5. Mikey34

    Oven from hell...

    Any ideas? I've used glass cooktop cleaner, Brillo pads, easy off, I've tried it hot, warm, cold, no cigar it's been a long painful process to get it to this point. Any better options?
  6. Mikey34

    Nasty couch what to use?

    It says 90 percent polyester and 10 percent cotton Their cat owns it and you can see grease/oil stains on it. I have a dri master upholstery tool I think it's called.
  7. Mikey34

    Making a murderer

    Anybody watch it on Netflix? I I'm kinda disturbed at how this went down.
  8. Mikey34

    Weird spots appear after cleaning

    I used bio break w citrus solve and once dry these reddish brown spots popped up. I wasn't sure if I should use a little encap on it or usr, or if I needed to re clean. It's at my own home and im not quite sure if my maid used some spotter or what happened, what should be my first step? Sorry...
  9. Mikey34

    401k what do you do for retirement?

    I have been searching for different options and was wondering what you guys are doing? I was looking and the max contribution for 2016 it is 53k tax deferred. 18k that you can invest and 35k that your company can match. Can anyone give me more info or guidance in this area? I also have a 1...
  10. Mikey34

    VCT gone wrong?

    Assuming the company did not strip old wax properly any input im open to ideas or recommendations, thanks.
  11. Mikey34

    Carpet wrinkles

    Supposedly newer install (couple years), high quality padding supposedly and onTop of a concrete subfloor. It has supposedly been restretched twice and they have cut some excess out. I am not an installer nor do I do repairs, but I'm trying to figure out how to help my client, ideas welcome. And...
  12. Mikey34

    Had a miracle happen today.

    Had windows and doors open on a job 2nd story. I'm working in the home installing some hardwood floors. Long story short I hear a little crash, im like oh man the screen fell out on to the concrete, well so did the 2.5 year old kid. worst and scariest day of my life. The kid must have flipped...
  13. Mikey34

    Cat or dog urine throughout home, help!

  14. Mikey34

    Nashua nh fire restoration

    Have a friend that needs fire restoration in New Hampshire. Has fire insurance.
  15. Mikey34

    Blue ice pack liquid on carpet???

    So I got called to try and remove a spot from a white carpet, it is one of those geeez able ice packs, it leaked and made a 6"x6" blue spot on their carpet, any suggestions? Also the lady says everytime the carpets get cleaned all the spots return after a week? Any ideas? Thanks!
  16. Mikey34

    Remove carpet mastic from concrete.

    What's the best way to remove carpet mastic from concrete?
  17. Mikey34

    TMF and technologically stupid members...

    How do I decline subscribing to threads? My stupid phone is buzzing all night from this forum. I tried to go in my apple settings for the TMF app and make sure no notifications were on, but I'm still subscribed to these threads and don't know how or why...
  18. Mikey34

    Help with travertine

    Have some travertine that a maid spilled acid on and left little rings. The problem: customer wants it gone, the solution, or so she thinks is me. Here's a picture of the stone. I need it to have the dull look, down where my thumb is touching, i tried with a 120 grit on a sander, and that is...
  19. Mikey34

    I need a crash course in monkey pads or

    Polishing marble. I know barely anything, and I have 2 50 sq ft marble entryways to redo. They are scratched a little, but not real seriously. They are in each persons personal condo entryway. A the grout is 1/4" wide, unsanded, and stained pretty bad. She wants the grout white again. B it's...
  20. Mikey34

    I need a few photos

    Hi guys, I need a few pictures of carpet cleaning and was wondering if anyone has some good before and afters I can use. Sorry I don't really take before and afters, it's my own stupid fault.
  21. Mikey34

    What's up with YELP????

    Is yelp good? What kind of advice can you guys give me?
  22. Mikey34

    Wax strip only prices

    10k sq ft all hallways, 5 levels They r going to Install carpet and need all the wax removed. Any thoughts, supposedly there is water on each level..
  23. Mikey34

    Carpet dying in nova?

    Anybody die carpet in northern Virginia? Let me know 703 77two-o341
  24. Mikey34

    Water time!

    Hope everyone's enjoying their summer