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  1. Kevin Dumas

    Spam posts

    Why are the Spam posts not outright deleted on this board? Saw 10 of them still up surfing this morning. Do you need to keep them up for thread count?
  2. Kevin Dumas

    Annoying blue sliding bar every time you reply or hit a like

    What is it? Where did it come from? And how to get rid of it?
  3. Kevin Dumas

    Problem with board? or my computer?

    When I page back on my desktop the page loads. Then it jumps up, then down, then down again, then up, then goes blank white, then comes back. Been happening for awhile now but did not do it for a couple days after the last board upgrade but back to doing it again.
  4. Kevin Dumas

    Tile Master dilution ratio

    I posted this on another thread but might not be seen: Speaking of dilution ratio. The directions say 1-2 scoops per gallon. There was no scoop in my container. How big is a scoop? Why not put the directions in ounces per gallon also?
  5. Kevin Dumas

    Small upholstery machine needed

    Whats a good all around small upholstery machine that easy to handle and doesn't weigh a 100 pounds. Needs to have at least a 3 stage vac and 100 psi.
  6. Kevin Dumas

    Scrolling pages still a problem

    I never heard of a cause or fix for the scrolling problem some of us were having after the last update. I can click on TMF's main page and it scrolls fine. I then go to the New Posts page and it scrolls fine. Then when I click on a individual post to read the side scrolling bar is very choppy...
  7. Kevin Dumas


    Had to walk on one today. Customer on vacation. Opened kitchen door with the hidden key (what thief would not look under the door mat for a key)? Cat urine smell would knock your socks off as you opened the door and I had to go through the kitchen, up a flight of stairs, down a hall, through...
  8. Kevin Dumas

    Obama rated 5th best President ever

    Obama rated 5th best president ever Interesting! Obama rated 5th best US President ever Of the total of 44 US Presidents: Obama rated 5th best president ever. I was just reading a Democratic publicity release that said, "...after a little more than 4 years, Obama has been rated the 5th...
  9. Kevin Dumas


    Anybody have any large directional arrows they can send me or something. Washed my waste tank Re worked my inline filter for better air flow Then with it about half full and saying to myself... I can get one more small job out of it before emptying it...and Hooked the bastard up backwards...
  10. Kevin Dumas

    On screen message

    Anybody know why when I page back and forth on just this website I get a on screen message: "Are you sure you want to leave this page" The I have to click the yes box before I can proceed. Couple pages later the message pops up again.
  11. Kevin Dumas

    Some Internet Guru Told me

    That 80% of all commercial carpet is Olefin. Of course, I disagreed. Seems the Carpet & Rug Institute states that 80-82% is made out of Nylon Who is right?
  12. Kevin Dumas


    Did you infect MB with the TMF black hole or something? I can't sign on. Is the site down?
  13. Kevin Dumas

    Roots 45 URAI Bearings

    Does anyone stock the front bearings and seal? Or have a complete bearing kit without gears?
  14. Kevin Dumas

    Roots 45 URAI Bearings

    Does anyone stock the front bearings and seal? Or have a complete bearing kit without gears?
  15. Kevin Dumas

    Larry Cobb

    I tried responding to your PM and your box is full.
  16. Kevin Dumas

    Anybody having trouble with the scroll bar?

    I click on it and it goes inchworm slow. Only on this site.
  17. Kevin Dumas

    Problems with this site

    Have been having problems lately. Things are running real slow...Pages show up blue then change to white with print. If I click the scroll bar literally I will get about one line loaded every 5 seconds. Any ideas? This is the only site that is slow for me.
  18. Kevin Dumas

    Nick Nellos Heat exchanger question

    Nick, What is the purpose of that old beat up piece of weathered wood you put on the bottom of your heat exchangers under the coil? It doesn't take long before the heat disintegrates it and chunks blow all over peoples driveways.
  19. Kevin Dumas

    Where is the store

    Thought it was open. I click on the Store and all I get is a email request thingy to fill out.
  20. Kevin Dumas

    Smoke damage question

    Trying here to get a apartment managers ass out of the fire. Freshly painted apt with new carpet and appliances. Their smoke detectors are pretty sensitive so they burn off the new ovens on high heat for awhile so the new tenants do not set off the smoke alarms the first couple times they...
  21. Kevin Dumas

    Am I blind

    Where did the tab go for "View first unread" post in a thread?
  22. Kevin Dumas

    Did Ken get booted?

    I miss the entertainment.
  23. Kevin Dumas

    Where is Nick

    I have not heard from him since his Knee Surgery.
  24. Kevin Dumas

    Kohler engine starter

    When I hit the key my starter will not engage. If I jumper the posts on the solenoid it will turn over and start. Could it be the key switch or the solenoid that is bad?
  25. Kevin Dumas

    aspenedelene's new EZ Truckmount

    Posted on 4/14/09 "Well like I said I ordered one from him yesterday and I plan on picking it up in two weeks time. I can't wait to see this thing. Brand new trailer and brand new equipment = no more downtime and telling clients my machine is out for the day or few days due to wear and tear...