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    Grand Forks, North Dakota. Any GREAT cleaners service that city?

    I've got some good customers moving there, job relocation, and they need a really good carpet cleaner when the time comes.
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    I've got a customer that claims severe allergies. Says she wants me to rinse her carpets using vinegar and water only, to rinse out any residue left from the previous cleaning. My question is, at what dilution would I do this? Say I put a gallon in my chem jug, how many GPM?
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    Pics- @Rob Allen

    @Rob Allen, Here are the pictures I said I'd send. I couldn't figure out how to get them in a PM.
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    You just can't please some people.

    I just did a job for a wealthy property owner, four bedrooms in an empty house (810 sf.). He just sold his other house on the river for 1.2 million, and is downsizing. We did a job for him last year, two small offices in a building he owns. SF charge was .31. Just did this four bedroom job for...
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    Has anyone tried out the 16" Castex Tennant Nobles wand?

    I saw that is selling them, but they give no information but price. Not even a picture. Tennant Nobles has no information on their site either.
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    Looking for a wide area vacuum.

    If you have one in good working order, collecting dust, let me know.
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    Anyone selling a CRB?

    I'm looking for a good used CRB. I know Galvatron is auctioning one off, but I want a solid cash price, no waiting till the end of the auction. PM me if you have one to sell please.
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    Hydroforce Nautilus Extreme 500 PSI , are they worth buying?

    I'm wanting to buy the Nautilus Extreme 500 psi with APO next week and don't know much about portys. I do know that I want the big vac motors, but are they as powerful as they claim? Not too concerned with heat. I used a friends Edic a few weeks ago to clean a 2 houseboats and although it got...
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    Tre, can you please give us a "You're a dumbass" button?

    Seriously, we could use one. And at the end of the year, the dumbass with the highest score would get an award.
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    Anyone run a generator in the van for empties and apts. w/o power?

    Just curious, I just bought a generator to run my vacuum, rotary and lighting when I have a job with no power. I'll run the exhaust down through the floor. Anyone else have any experiences with doing this?
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    Jet change for RX20 HE?

    I'm in the middle of tuning up my RX20 HE, new hoses, gaskets, felt, general degreasing/ prettying up and I'm thinking of changing from the cone jets to Vee jets. Just wondering what has worked for others.
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    Bedbugs, How do you deal with them? Or not.

    A property manager that we work for called and asked what we can do for bedbugs. I've never dealt with this before, is there anything that I can do? Or does it take an exterminator?
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    RX20 HE Gearbox Lube-What do I use?

    I need to find out what to use for my gearbox. Thanks in advance. Ivan- See Spots Run
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    If any of you have a large Water Claw that you don't use, I'll consider buying it.
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    Here's a funny local CC'er I found on CL here in NorCal.
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    El Diablo water box float fix

    I finally figured out the fix for my El D water box overflowing. Seems I've read others had the same problem. Here's what fixed mine, it's a very simple fix and hopefully works long term. I pulled the float out of the water box and dissassembled it. Then used #0000 steel wool to smooth out the...
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    Van that's a boat that's a van?

    This a way too cool! I'm a little jealous too, Lake Powell is the best.
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    Review on Greenglides RX20 HE glides and adapters

    I finally received my glides and adapters from Greenglides yesterday, installed them today and so far have cleaned two apartments and will be cleaning a Chinese restaurant tonight. Installation was very simple, just had to keep the gaskets intact to reuse them. The adapters were a pleasant...
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    Greenglides RX20 HE glides

    I found out that Greenglides manufactures a set of adapters ($89.00) for the RX20 HE so that we can install glides on our High Efficiency RX's. I'm sure that the glides are the same as for the old RX20 and the adapters allow you to use glides. I ordered the glides and the adapters today and...
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    Anyone make glides for the RX20 HE?

    I'd like to buy a set if someone makes them for the HE.
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    Fuel tap kit for 2005 E350.

    I'm replacing my 90' Chevy van with a 2005 E350 W/ a 5.4 V8. I'll install my El Diablo in the new van. My problem is, I don't want to pay a supplier over $600.00 for the fuel tap kit. Anyone know a good source for these kits that does'nt jack the price up?
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    Bought the new (Used) van yesterday!!! STOKED!!

    Finally found our new replacement van 210 miles away in the Bay Area.:bigsmiley: 2005 E350 extended NO WINDOW van with the 5.4 V8. 104,000 miles, it was owned by a Toyota dealership so it was maintained very well. Just got done ripping out the plywood floor and all the shelving and cabinets...
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    It's time for a newer van.

    After three years it's finally time to replace the trusty old 90' Chevy 3/4 ton. We've decided on an extended Ford E350 with no windows in back for the extra billboard from the rear, and would prefer the barn doors on the side, not the slider. We're looking at 2002- 2006 models. And we...
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    Military funeral protest by wacko cult "CHURCH"!!!

    The wife and I are joining probably thousands to try to let these nutjob cultists know that they are NOT WELCOME IN OUR TOWN!!! They are here to protest this sailors funeral, he was killed last week by a **** in Afghanistan. These idiots hate everyone, not just gays, but Jews, blacks, Hollywood...