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  1. Mojo Rising

    Paying the techs.. driving vs working.. your thoughts?

    Right now I pay hourly with commission and bonus opportunities.. but I was thinking the other day that driving and the actual cleaning work is two different jobs. Here is my thoughts.. the pay is an example. Lets say you pay your solo tech $12 an hour base pay.. for driving, shop work or...
  2. Mojo Rising

    I predict.. the 2015 MUST HAVE TOOL that will rule them all is..

    Its going to be Tom's DEVPRO wand. I haven't used it, but I own its red headed cousin that lives under the stairs (great quality). Two things I am going to like about this wand that if other people really used would also love it as well. First its the swivel.. its true.. once you go...
  3. Mojo Rising

    Here are the pics of the Prochem Bruin 2 for sale..Bru

    Here are pics for the machine I am selling for $5,000.. it has 6199.9 hrs on the machine and was refurbished by Jon Don two years ago. It has the liquid cooled Kubota engine that has a ton of life on it. There is nothing wrong with the machine, is serviced and stored at Jon Don now. Jon...
  4. Mojo Rising

    GPS Booking Software for route building?

    Have you guys and ladies ran across any software that will have GPS onscreen location of jobs that are already booked and have onscreen customer info? A few that I have found.. Badger Mapping, but need your own CRM/FSM Ace Route.. Vonigo.. $1400 sign up fee
  5. Mojo Rising

    Any Direct Mail Manager users here? Looking to replace Fill My Schedule as I leave SM.

    Anyone try this service? I am looking at replacing SM Fill My Schedule with a streamlined system that works at a click of the button. I just signed up with this company and their rates are about half the cost of Fill My Schedule and offers the same mailing options. It syncs with my database...
  6. Mojo Rising

    Direct Mail EDDM Here is a new postcard we had Ryan Kettering design for an amazing price..

    Going into the winter time, you better have a marketing campaign to help guide you through the cold days. I hired Ryan to make us a card so we can send out to repeat customers and here are the results. I heavily influenced how the card looks and Ryan was a pro and worked within what I was...
  7. Mojo Rising

    These are the top 20+ questions the customers will ask.. How would you respond?

    Here are the top 20 questions we usually get asked. Please post any other questions that you have encountered.. How would your company answer the questions below.. this is something that will seal the deal or have them call another company. Answer as if you were talking to them directly...
  8. Mojo Rising

    2 Little Giants Heater.. one new, one used.. 3ht 600 psi

    The one on the left has never been used.. the one on the right came with a machine I bought recently. There is no leak or repaired leak on the used little giant. Both comes with pressure regulators. Both: $1650 New: $1100 Used: $700
  9. Mojo Rising

    What questions do you get asked on the phone and in person?

    I am working on an employee handbook and one of the parts is the Q & A with the customers. The questions they usually ask.. like how long does it take to dry or clean, do you use a TM unit, do you move furniture and so on. I basically want to make it idiot proof, where every question has an...
  10. Mojo Rising

    Avoiding tech burnout while maintaining high level of service and sales..

    I have been in this industry for around 16 years and there are countless times that I have burned myself out doing this as a tech.. So what do you do for your techs so they don't get burned out and still maintain a high level of sales and service? Do you go with a 2 man crew.. if so how...
  11. Mojo Rising

    What's the big difference with inline sprayers? From $99 to $250

    I have an inline sprayer that needs to be replaced, so I want to get a good one WITHOUT the chem meter on it. I looked on ebay and other distributors websites and I am not sure what the difference is other than price. I am not looking for the cheapest but I don't want to overpay.. Any...
  12. Mojo Rising

    Impregnated with FERRZON® — Stronger than Diamonds!

    Anyone have any experience with these pads? http://
  13. Mojo Rising

    Looking for advice on tools and product.

    I am adding tile and stone cleaning.. can you guys point me in the right direction for some of the stuff I need. 1. various size grit pads for polishing stone and tools as well 2. a good clear seal (impregnator & topical) I read Cobb has some good stuff 3. a good color seal What do you...
  14. Mojo Rising

    The Zipper Wand vs Rotary Wand

    Does anyone have the zipper wand here and can you tell of your experience with it? I don't have one here locally I can try out but I love the videos I have seen on the forums lately. I like rotary machines and have one but they take sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long to clean carpets with...
  15. Mojo Rising

    Is your business a marketing cliche or a brand?

    First you have to ask yourself what is a brand.. ask 10 different people and you get 10 different answers but in an article of Entrepreneur magazine I think best stated what a brand is: It says that "a business becomes a brand when it transcends its origin." or how it makes the consumer feel...
  16. Mojo Rising

    Great TV show for entrepreneurs to watch.. The Profit..

    I stumbled upon this show yesterday and I got hooked. Its a show about a millionaire entrepreneur that offers help to REAL struggling businesses. It gives great insight on various levels of revamping a small business. Enjoy. link not valid
  17. Mojo Rising

    Help donate to landslide victims in my area..

    The picture says it all.. Entire families are gone, a fire fighter found the front door to his house and the carpet in his babies room but his wife and kid are still missing. The girls from a slumber party are still missing and they fear that they may never recover all the bodies. The stories...
  18. Mojo Rising

    Can sites do well without using spammy techniques?

    Great video to watch from google themselves.. moral of the story is play by the rules, they have guidelines of what they want and what they will punish you for.
  19. Mojo Rising

    RX-20 HE Rotary Jet Extractor .... for sale w/pics

    Here is the famous RX-20 HE for sale.. the price is $1500.. does not include shipping. As you can see its in good shape, everything works and was checked out by Jon Don prior to me buying it. The previous owner bought it new years ago and said he didn't use it that much. Shipping is from...
  20. Mojo Rising

    Duk-A.. Duk-A.. Duk-A.. Duk-A.. Duk Corner Guards..! A must have for 2014

    I've been using Duk Corner Guards for the last 6 months or so and WOW I guarantee you will not find a better, more versatile corner guard on the market. Now if you aren't using corner guards then you are really steps behind the new standard of what the consumer wants. I get people writing 5...
  21. Mojo Rising

    Everything You Know About Branding is WRONG!

    "In an increasingly chaotic marketplace, yelling louder isn’t the answer. Business today doesn’t come down to what you sell or what you do. It’s about who you are and what you stand for. People don’t come to work every day for just a paycheck, and customers aren’t indiscriminate shoppers...
  22. Mojo Rising

    Hi, I am a future gun owner!

    I never was into guns but you just never know when you are going to need one. I am also applying for my CWP next monday and should have no problem with passing. Going to take my oldest with me to the shooting range to educate her on how to use one in case the time comes. I am looking at...
  23. Mojo Rising

    Here is a $500 truckmount I just bought.. Unknown HM

    It runs.. not sure if I am going to strip it, part it out or sell it. Anyone know what the things are in photos 2-3 and 5.. with 5 its the lower part. The guy spent about $2-3K about 4-5 years ago getting this in proper working order via Jon Don.
  24. Mojo Rising

    Oh damn.. prochem running issue

    Machine is a Bruin 2.. the tech said that the TM was fluctuating with its idle, same with the pressure gauge. It was making a loud "clicking/knocking" noise by the pump. The TM would run a lot better and less clicking/knocking noise when you hold the override switch on. It would also run a lot...