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  1. ColoradoCleaner

    Odd stains, any ideas?

    Hey guys it was my job there that we have pictures of. I wasn't using firestorm... that right there in the picture is a gallon of power gel... it was ineffective along with a dozen or so other spotters. Long story short, I've determined the yellow dye is set and I'm awaiting a special order of...
  2. ColoradoCleaner

    CONTEST Contest with Brian Hass’s new rap video!

    I enjoyed this contest too... it was a lot of fun and very fair!
  3. ColoradoCleaner

    CONTEST Contest with Brian Hass’s new rap video!

    Thanks!!! Did it all on my own, listening to each second over and over again. I love black label lol. Great job on this video!!!
  4. ColoradoCleaner

    CONTEST Contest with Brian Hass’s new rap video!

    Uh huh… all you cleaners out there in the carpet game yeah I sell product… about to raise this PH you know I’m trippin when I dip into this last bit I been sipping Got them TMF cuz I’m gettin the results that I been dealin When they call up I be fixing to collect money I’m gettin Dirt and grime...
  5. ColoradoCleaner

    New Apex 570 or Everest 870

    Transit and Nissan are great, I prefer my Nissan, Express still a good truck but outdated cosmetically. If you have good business lined up, get the best equipment you can get.
  6. ColoradoCleaner

    What gross # per year for O/O to sustain success?

    Honestly idk how anybody survives on less than 10k/ month
  7. ColoradoCleaner

    small JOB TODAY

    Man if you're this excited about a portable... just wait until you have a truckmount!
  8. ColoradoCleaner

    New 570 apex

    Man the guys at your supplier must have been high fiving each other all the way to the bank
  9. ColoradoCleaner

    Biopro 10k or RSF Spiked for auto detailing?

    Can't go wrong with either... we use rsf every day
  10. ColoradoCleaner

    I need to find a van (QUICK)

    You've been in business long enough... just finance something brand new man. Zero down, no payments for 45 days, take it home same day and go to work. Better image for your business too
  11. ColoradoCleaner

    Van totaled....what about payment for decals and removing equipment?

    The other driver's insurance doesn't tell you what you'll be paid... you need either an attorney or try calling your own insurance and see if they'll help. If you want a monster payout you'll need an attorney though
  12. ColoradoCleaner

    Prochem Legend G/T - Ford E150 2003

    Wow frankly that price is very cheap if it's all mechanically sound. Don't drop it any more!!!
  13. ColoradoCleaner

    Everest 650 HP heat

    I have bought two prochem machines brand new in the past couple years. Both of them leaked some coolant for the first few hours. I'm pretty sure it's just from releasing excess coolant but I do recommend checking the level at least every 50 hours. Post some pics of your truck if you can!
  14. ColoradoCleaner

    Everest 650 HP heat

    Sounds about normal to me... just be sure if you're running one wand you have the machine set to the 1 wand setting. Some guys always run on high, expecting to get the best vacuum possible but all that does is create more heat than you can use with 1 wand.
  15. ColoradoCleaner

    wont maintain steady pressure

    You probably have a blockage either at your machine's solution output or in your solution hose or solution hose's quick connect. If not, possible blockage at your pump's inlet
  16. ColoradoCleaner

    Buying Ford 250 van with Everest

    This thread is over a year old
  17. ColoradoCleaner

    I would like help growing my business, or at least know why it didn't work. Unbelievable low revenues with no growth.

    Truckmount or portable? Let's see your website. If you like you can send me a PM and I'll give you some feedback
  18. ColoradoCleaner

    I would like help growing my business, or at least know why it didn't work. Unbelievable low revenues with no growth.

    I'll help you. My first question is how much are you spending on marketing per month?
  19. ColoradoCleaner


    Works perfect for me. Check your computer or device
  20. ColoradoCleaner

    Prochem Everest hp650

    Looks very used for just 11 hours.
  21. ColoradoCleaner

    Pricing discrepancy with customers

    We just count a room, hallway, staircase all the same. Then we'll say Ok for X areas it is $XXX. Then when we arrive we say ok show us the X areas. When they have more than X then we charge accordingly.
  22. ColoradoCleaner

    Spinner marks on tile.

    It has a coating... can be removed with stripper but might be messy.
  23. ColoradoCleaner

    Geez had to happen sooner later i guess.

    Just tell her you called your insurance and they actually told you your insurance coverage lapsed a month ago so you don't have any insurance. I bet she goes away after that