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  1. fuzzsucker

    CRM, Invoicing and Book Keeping on the go

    I'm sure this has been a well discussed topic. But 2015 is almost over and wanted to see what is the latest and greatest software people are using. Looking to to do it all while on the go and not necessarily connected to the internet every second of the day. A lot of the stuff I have found gives...
  2. fuzzsucker

    Weight of a Judson TNT

    Any know the approximate weight of a Judson TNT? Trying to have one shipped and its a little to awkward to hold while standing on a scale.
  3. fuzzsucker

    The Hugger is here!

    Hey guys I haven't been posting much lately been busy with the kiddos and cleaning. I did want to let everyone know about a product I make called the Hugger. They have been popular on the Facebook groups. Its a simple guard to help protect your customers home. I don't want to just advertise but...
  4. fuzzsucker

    A poetic passing on carpet care

    The heat, the stink and the foul These r the things that make us howl Yes maam, no maam, please with no thanks Put your money in my waste tank Rancid oil, foul piss and sand Those are the days of a carpet man Crb, rotary, more overpriced junk Can't fit all this crap in my trunk New chemical...
  5. fuzzsucker

    Cant decide on new tile tools HELP!

    Let me mention first what I am needing. Speed and not taking up alot of room in my truck. I have always been hearing great things about the turbo hybrid. However the bulky nature of the tool leads me to look at the new set up by hydro force. They have one wand that can run many interchangeable...
  6. fuzzsucker

    Secret Ink Removal Technique

    The secret ancient art of ink removal in 10 seconds. Just be sure to rinse and dry well after and you are good to go. Sorry for the awful camera work my assistant is not so good at filming.
  7. fuzzsucker

    Bought me a rx-20

    I just picked up an rx-20 on the cheap. I have used some in the past as rentals. Now that i own this one I was planning on making it the best it can be. I noticed on the newer models the star head is different. Less jets and the slots are smaller. I have also heard some chatter about glides. Any...
  8. fuzzsucker

    Turd Polishing

    Cleaned one today that I was doing my best to walk off. Huge burns, bleach, 100's of unknown stains, and matte black traffic patterns and on top of that 30+ years old. They just wouldn't let me leave. She swore up and down they looked that way when she moved in and she just needed a receipt to...
  9. fuzzsucker

    25,000 sqft cleaning advice needed vlm v hwe

    Quoting a 25,000sqft government facility. Carpets are 10 years old and never been cleaned. Most in good shape, some not so much. I would prefer to Truckmount most of it but its a secure facility and no open doors allowed. Also work has to be done during the day with security and workers present...
  10. fuzzsucker

    Premier Carpet Cleaning

    Premier Carpet Cleaning Colorado Springs is a locally owned and operated business with over ten years of hands on carpet cleaning experience. I offer both steam cleaning methods (also known as HWE) as well as the dry-chemical (VLM) procedures. Each carpet cleaning system has its advantages and...
  11. fuzzsucker

    Need feedback on van wrap design

    Hey guys, Would love some feedback. Here is a new design I am putting together for my van. I decided to do very little printed vinyl because it sun fades so much faster than cut vinyl. Also it sometimes seems to distort the message and just make it hard to read IMHO. So this is setup to be...
  12. fuzzsucker

    Moving an old pto to a new van

    Has anyone ever moved an old Hydramaster cds from an older van, to a new van. The van is old and shot, but the unit runs like a champ. I was considering it and maybe while I was at it putting in a new pump, replacing some switches and redoing all the plumbing and wiring. Possible heat exchanger...