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  1. Carlo Pro

    Upholstery Coffee Stain

    Hi guys, I cleaned a coffee spot from this sofa and after 3 days customer sent me this picture, what do you think happened? Since it was fresh stain, just cleaned with upholstery cleaning and run cleaning w/ acid rinse. Any ideas?
  2. Carlo Pro

    Insurance for B/O suggestions

    Any business Operator can share what kind of insurance you have on your CC business: 1- how much are you paying 2- Your equipment is insured Thanks!
  3. Carlo Pro

    Angiest List playing dark

    It's been many time those guys called me trying to sign me up for their "fabulous" service, but I never did. It called my attention, this is the 4th time I check their page from different computer and just notice that they show the name of my company if I look specifically for it but if I click...
  4. Carlo Pro

    Citation for dumping water

    I have 3 old ladies as neighbors, I know they fight each other and I know couple of them went to court for a cat problem. I say hello to all of them but I always try to keep it on my own. Well, someone from the City called this morning and told me that some neighbor made a complaint that I was...
  5. Carlo Pro

    What a stains

    We clean this carpet couple of times and those stains still showing up. they have a padding with the plastic on top you can hear the plastic noise when you walk on it. I used my regular pre-spray with a degreaser the rest looks very good just those spot yellowish won't go away. ideas? @Todd...
  6. Carlo Pro

    Tile & Grout Clean

    I just have a request to clean this burrito place restaurant. Do you guys think, these thing will come up with 175 brush with an extra de-greaser and Hydroforce I've been cleaning tiles for years but never like this one. Any Tips Guys? Thanks
  7. Carlo Pro

    Hot2Go Hot Link 12 Volt DC

    Planning to stop using HX and buy this HOT2GO from Northern tools, the think is I ask my interlink supply and they told me they do not do this kind of job (installation). Does anyone Knows where can I take my van to get installed???? I don't want to do it myself Northern said they do not know...
  8. Carlo Pro

    Help Rug Bamboo silk

    Hi Guys, anyone has an idea how or if it is cleanable. someone spill something (drink) Rug is 80% Bamboo Silk and 20% Cotton anybody?
  9. Carlo Pro

    More Heat - Little Giant

    Did you modified your Heat Exchangers How many of you guys are using any kind of Propane/Kerosene to boost the heat/Steam of your Truck Mount. PRO's and CON's
  10. Carlo Pro

    Help Pricing

    Hotel flooding, they dried up themselves and called me to only clean and deodorize 14 rooms I'll release liability they just need me to: "only clean" How much do you guys will charge? most are 2 areas rooms. Thanks
  11. Carlo Pro

    CRB 15" on Sale (NEW)

    A Friend of mine is selling a brand new. Send me a message
  12. Carlo Pro

    Any Ideas???

    HI, long time not talk (write) Custy Call me, I did spot, last week, Now she said the spot is gone but there is a white spot on this cotton cushion, what should I do? Thanks!
  13. Carlo Pro


    I was doing some shopping at the grocery store and I see this: It means DO IT YOURSELF urine treatment, save money or something like that
  14. Carlo Pro

    what you bought in 2015 - and you aren't using now

    1.- I have 3/4 of a can of Flex Ice that I won't use because the weird smell. 2.- Gekko SX-7 collecting dust, I do not have many kitchen's counter jobs. I'm glad I did not buy a Cimex, not many commercial either this year.
  15. Carlo Pro


    Hey Guys, I've been doing Tile & Grout cleaning lately. I have my HydroForce SX, cleaning really good but, The Edges are always the problem, It left always around 1" line that the HF-SX won't reach. How do you guys do, to clean those edges????????????? Thanks!
  16. Carlo Pro

    EDDM or Coupons Mail

    If you made either: both or one of them, what was your result? What works better for you?
  17. Carlo Pro

    Apartment complex Contract

    I think I am getting a green light for cleaning my first apartment complex. Does any one have a copy of a contract that wants to share. Any input before sign a contract is welcome.
  18. Carlo Pro

    Owners of -T-rex - CARPET BRUSH

    Did you tried or trying the Carpet Brush and/or Tile Brush? How it is working for you? Thanks!
  19. Carlo Pro

    DUCT CLEAN - using TM: it is OK?? -- someone had Problems

    Anybody using His TM for Duct Cleaning???? Are you using the Dry Vac DustDowner to prevent damage on your TM I know there are a right way to do it, but I would like to start with the Air Wave or Ram Air and later on will see. Thanks!
  20. Carlo Pro

    Bonnet 13" for my T-rex Jr

    Any body can share a place where to buy a bonnet for my T-rex Jr. 13" Thanks
  21. Carlo Pro

    Some People.....Ugh!

    Lady called last week to make an appointment she said: "carpet are clean a few spots, nothing major, etc.etc.." We called 24hrs. prior to appointment to confirm job, she never answered, today early again, and no answered at all. by 10:30 she called saying what happened??? and immediately an...
  22. Carlo Pro

    Hose leaking - Prochem Legend SE

    On my last job I noticed a hose was leaking. I took it off but I couldn't find what part is it in the owner manual. Anybody Knows what part is it and if it is easy to buy it? Thanks!
  23. Carlo Pro

    Free App to mange clients, schedule. Have you tried?

    PocketSuite Anyone trying or tried this App??? How that works for you?
  24. Carlo Pro

    help find a Glide for a Wand AW57

    I am looking for a Glide for my Wand AW57 and extensions. Does anybody knows where can I get it from. Thanks
  25. Carlo Pro

    Interlink Supply / Bridgepoint was sold

    To make a big, strong and better company hopefully. Aramsco Bought it,