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  1. smartcarpetcare

    Cleaning/decrystallizing prochem 150 burner coil...

    I read somewhere that the burner coil can become crystallized to the point that it becomes thermally inefficient/insulated. How would one 'clean' the coil? Is diesel better?? Is there a kero additive? Thanks!!
  2. smartcarpetcare

    Saw a truck unit that had a central vac unit in it as well...

    He mounted a central vac unit on his truck to prevac with...anybody doing that on here?
  3. smartcarpetcare

    Updated rx-20 coming?

    Is there a 'new' rx20 coming? Anybody going to The Experience? Supposed to be big unveiling tomorrow....
  4. smartcarpetcare

    Anybody using engineered/ozonated water in janitorial or VLM applications?

    I just chatted with a very helpful member who espoused the virtues of using engineered water for different types of VLM cleaning. I see one o3 kit manufacturer has a woolsafe certification. Anybody else incorporating this into their repertoire???
  5. smartcarpetcare

    Canadian Commercial CGD Pricing Help PLEASE!

    Alrighty. Rob and Shane and everybody tells us to actually call on commercial accounts. Thanks to all the leaders! I mustered the courage to call on a large complex local to me, asked to quote, was told they want one by Wednesday, any time to start today? Wow. 12,900 sq. feet poly CGD...
  6. smartcarpetcare

    Getting a lot of requests for kitchen hood cleaning...anybody doing it?

    Getting a lot in enquires Re: hood and extinguisher maintenance. Anybody having success with this? Seeing the only training schools are Fla., Texas, Philly, KY, Vancouver only. ??? Thanks!
  7. smartcarpetcare

    cleanco classic pto bearing/pillow block fail.....

    Hi Gang: There is a cleanco classic near me, pto shaft bearing has melted/worn the pillow block. Is this a dealer-only item ,or can these be redone cheaper? Anybody have luck with this? Thanks!
  8. smartcarpetcare


    Alrighty. My Father-In-Law just landed in the hospital, with shingles. Going to wait the 24 hours before going in to clean his house. Any thoughts? Going to use Virox, and gloves, respirator. Thanks! Mike
  9. smartcarpetcare

    Coming Up ON 14,000 MEMBERS!!! Congrats, TMF!!

    I have to say, you guys are significantly changing by business, and my life, for the better. What a Godsend you all are, in your own way. Proud to be a part of this community. Guess it is time to pay the piper:). Mike
  10. smartcarpetcare

    "Trazel" floor strip and seal?

    Hi Gang: Met with a Landlord, to price out 1,000 sq. feet of carpet, monthly. The basement, landings, and stairs are old-school flooring, like in an old hospital or school. It is a composite that resembles black and white granite, with metal inlay strips, then super polished. She called...
  11. smartcarpetcare

    amp draw on mini-mount

    What is the total draw?? Anybody running one? Mike
  12. smartcarpetcare

    Newer car upholstry...polypropolene! Finally, a solution......

    Alrighty. My wife bought a 2010 Ford Escape. Has seating yarns made from recycled pop botlles, as per the brochure. Tried Chemspec presprays, distilled steam, you name it. REALLY hard to clean, especially chocolate :rolleyes:. Tried Esteam EClean Encap, bought from 'Canada-Eh', with a...