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  1. PistolPete

    Pressure pulsation

    Feeling pulsation in the high pressure line. Also seeing the pressure guage needle bouncing rapidly. Only a minor flicker but it used to hold steady. What do I go for first, regulator or pump head? PS, it does the same with tools or bypass hose attached, so that eliminates the tools or hose...
  2. PistolPete

    Turbo Tool swivel serviceable?

    So I noticed my spinner TH-40 acting up today. It would be working fine and then the spray bar stopped spinning. If I triggered the wand it would spin again just fine. No leaks from the weep hole. Is this swivel serviceable? $200 for a new one seems kinda steep.
  3. PistolPete

    Looking for someone in Montreal

    I posted a T&G cleaning video on Facebook and someone asked if I knew anyone in Montreal? The video was of a TM powered turbo spinner. Send me your info and I will forward, thanks
  4. PistolPete

    Epstein Investigation

    Another hit?
  5. PistolPete

    Topical Coating on Travertine

    Best way to remove topical coating (maybe mop n glo) from 1500 sq ft of dark travertine? I'm thinking stripper like any other floor, thoughts...? Then DIP one grit to leave even matte finish and impreg sealer Customer doesn't want shiny finish.
  6. PistolPete

    and just like that the phone stopped ringing

    LOL, last month I did almost $9,000 and when my ad went out the phone blew up. Like it has every month for the last year. This month, same ad, almost nothing! I guess kids out of school has slowed things down.
  7. PistolPete

    Turbo Tool replacement flex hose

    @Jim Davisson @Todd the Cleaner Any suggestions for where to buy really flexible vac hose for my Turbo Tool spinners? The official replacement part is stupid expensive for a piece of hose. I bought some pool hose from HD but it's too stiff and the tool won't lay down without tilting up.
  8. PistolPete

    Grout Sealer Fail?

    Cleaned and sealed using Cobbs Impregnating Sealer. Customer sent me this photo today saying the sealer failed. The liquid is dog urine that she claims she mopped up as soon as they found it. (Who knows how long it sat there) Hard to tell from photo but the urine got under the tiles, and it...
  9. PistolPete

    Pressure regulator Vs Unloader

    I have read posts and watched the steambrite video on removing the check valve from an unloader to make it a pressure regulator. My set up currently has an unloader w check valve. My question is, what is the difference or benefit of making an unloader into a pressure regulator? I understand...
  10. PistolPete

    Bypass regulator creeping up

    Noticed psi slowly creeping up in bypass. (tool not triggered). I will take it apart and clean it. Anything else to be aware of?
  11. PistolPete

    Water softener leak on travertine - dried salt water deposits

    Got a call from a local water softener company who wants me to do a warranty clean up for one of their customers. The water softener drain line popped off and it dumped salt water solution onto the floor. The floor is polished travertine. Question is, if I use an acid to dissolve the salt...
  12. PistolPete

    Drywall Dust on Luxury Vinyl

    Not much info to go on. Customer called today saying he 'tried everything' to get the white film and dust off his new floor. I'm going next week to take a look. Any suggestions for how to approach this?
  13. PistolPete

    Color Seal Shower?

    Anyone ever color sealed a shower? I have a customer who bleached out the light grey grout and wants it fixed. It's UNSANDED grout. I'm color sealing the bathroom floor. I do a ton of shower regrout renovations but in this case she asked if I could color seal.
  14. PistolPete

    Shower mold, customer complaint

    Got an email today from a lady that I did a travertine shower clean & seal for back in October. She said she has mold in her shower again and she expected me to return because of my 12 month warranty. This is a tumbled, unfilled travertine shower that was grouted after install. I used GM and my...
  15. PistolPete

    You guys in cold climates, have you seen this?

    Stumbled across this video on YouTube Click Here Diesel air heater for keeping your van & TM warm over-night. Buy one on Ebay Click Here Van to RV conversions have been using these for years apparently. I never heard of them before. Looks like it could be a viable, low cost solution?
  16. PistolPete

    Cement Tile Sealing

    Got a call today for cement tile clean and seal. This is becoming very trendy here, but I haven't seen any in person. Custy wants it cleaned and sealed. Brand new, in a bathroom. Any input?
  17. PistolPete

    Water pressure pump suggestions

    I currently have a Dayton pump on my TM. I have a pulsation in the solution line that is getting worse. Water supply from a water box so I don't think it's a supply issue? Also it seems that repair parts / rebuild kits are harder to find than other manufacturers. I'm thinking of replacing the...
  18. PistolPete

    How far do you go?

    So I do a lot of shower restorations, cleaning, grout replacement, re-caulking etc. Sometimes I get a cracked tile replacement. Today I started a straight forward re-grout and it turned on me. Lots of loose tiles, wet backer board, carpenter ants... I'm OK with making the repairs to the backer...
  19. PistolPete

    Sanded grout removal tool for large area

    Hey guys, I have a 900 sq ft grout replacement job coming up. I have a Rockwell sonic multi-tool with Dewalt fluted carbide blades that works great for sanded grout removal when I do repairs or broken tiles. I'm wondering if there is a faster / better method for large areas? 1/4" grout lines...
  20. PistolPete

    Marble tiles with 3/8 grout

    I'm going to DIP polish some marble tiles with wide grout lines. Any suggestions or input? Starting at 800 then 1500 and 3000. I'm concerned that the water will run off into grout lines.
  21. PistolPete

    Quit a job today

    Walked on a $950 job today. Hated to do it but sometimes you gotta know when to fold em. Upstairs kitchen in local country club. The issue is the floor leaks due to no membrane under the tile when it was built. So they can't flood mop the floors. The hot line (fryers, grill etc) had half an...
  22. PistolPete

    Booked 3 weeks out & phone still ringing

    What do I do? I know it's a good problem to have but I'm not sure what to do. I do mostly T&G and a lot of shower restorations. Should I hire a helper and train him? Should I start charging for estimates / consultations? Should I jack up my prices to do fewer jobs and make more? Currently a solo...
  23. PistolPete

    Need a Tile & Grout company in Tampa Florida area

    Hey guys, I had a call today from a flooring contractor in Tampa Florida. His company installed almost 5,000 sq ft of quarry tile with epoxy grout in a hospital kitchen. He found a video I posted using turbo tool to clean quarry tile. The floor looks terrible after a few months in service and he...
  24. PistolPete

    Miracle Sealer 511 solvent aerosol grout sealer

    Saw this at Home Depot. 15 oz can, 20 year guarantee, $10 a can. I use Gundlach currently at $17 a can. Has anyone used the 511?
  25. PistolPete

    Ultimate Grout Sealer Applicator

    I've tried many methods and for large areas with long straight lines, this tool is the best. Almost zero wasted sealer (which is awesome if you use premium sealers!) No hands & knees. With some fine tuning on the flow you can move really fast. BTW here is a link to the inventor...