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  1. Richard Baldwin

    Attempting a repair I've never done before

    I started this on the facebook page but I thought maybe readers here could benefit from my journey into area rug repair. Long story short goes like this: -Customer drops off a wool tufted rug contaminated with urine -Our shop techs decide to do a submersion cleaning. -After submersion cleaning...
  2. Richard Baldwin

    $665 for the tool, $930.85 to ship it to me.

    There are a lot of great things about living in Canada, but being in the carpet cleaning business isn't one of them. This is a good example of why I say Americans have it so good when it comes to tools and supplies. quoted me this the other day. Im only about a three hour drive from...
  3. Richard Baldwin

    Need advice from Americans

    You guys have this happen all the time down there. How do we deal with this asshole? He is still on the loose.
  4. Richard Baldwin

    That darn sock fluff

    One of my least favorite "soils" to try and clean out of a white carpet is blue sock fluff. It looks like a traffic stain but wont clean up with the wand. Why? Because it's not dirt, it's sock fibers that embed with the carpet fibers. Sometimes there is a bit of dye transfer too. When...
  5. Richard Baldwin

    Do you clean concrete too?

    Not very often for me, but when they ask, I just treat it like a tile cleaning. Here is a job we did last week. Before anyone asks, NO I didn't make my girls do all the work. It was just so I could shoot a quick video, but they did help me.
  6. Richard Baldwin

    Zero response from 20% off coupon

    I rarely put out discount coupons and it's no wonder why. I decided to put out one in the paper a few weeks ago in response to the cold, dreary weather which I am concerned is slowing down our spring sales. Two weeks later I am still getting the same amount of calls as normal, and nobody has...
  7. Richard Baldwin

    Guess I'm forgetting about sanding

    After much deliberation and research, I have decided not to get into sanding and refinishing hardwood. I am making far better money for far less effort by simply doing the Bridgepoint Clean and polish method. For example, this job alone took us about 2 hours and we made 400 dollars. Sanding...
  8. Richard Baldwin

    The Hydrokinetic in Action

    So many ask about "what's the best upholstery tool" and I always say the hydrokinetic. I'm making a new series of higher quality vids featuring one showing each service I do. This one shows me cleaning a very dirty microfiber couch with the Hydrokinetic. For those wondering here are the...
  9. Richard Baldwin

    Made a little vid

    Just for fun. Testing out my new camera.
  10. Richard Baldwin

    "Unreliable" Customers.

    I don't know if its a sign of the economy or what, but there has been a lot of unreliable customers lately. Almost enough to institute some new policies which I really did not want to do. What I mean is customers that call and book jobs, then change their mind, call multiple other companies...
  11. Richard Baldwin

    "Dont Bother"

    Yep... That's what everyone that works with hardwood refinishing tells me when I ask about the career. Everyone. "Don't bother" "It's a long hard road" "You won't make any money" "It will cost too much to get started" "you are too old now" "The work is too hard" In my research I have...
  12. Richard Baldwin

    If I made a ride-along vid, would you be interested?

    First off, I would only consider trying to sell an instructional video on TMF if it was ok with Rob. Perhaps I could even work out a royalty deal or something. His video is of far more professional quality than I could ever make and he truly deserves every sale. I just feel cleaners...
  13. Richard Baldwin

    What do you think of "trimming the fat"

    This year for February, because of this severely cold and brutal winter, I did half as many jobs. As a matter of fact I'll openly admit that at one point the truck didn't move for two weeks this month. And yet... I surpassed last years sales for February where I was out almost every day. I...
  14. Richard Baldwin

    What pisses me off more than anything is...

    When a customer calls three different cleaners and books them to come all on the same day. First one to arrive gets the job, the other two can go to hell when they show up. Happened today. This guy is on my BLACK LIST
  15. Richard Baldwin

    Stain cleaning challenge on Wool

    Here is the rug that I posted questions about several weeks ago. This is a stain that was not there before cleaning. Heather cleaned this rug as per normal methods, and noticed a brown stain appear on the rug after extraction. She treated it with an ammonia/peroxide mixture after regular...
  16. Richard Baldwin

    Can a partnership work with this business?

    If you were trying to sell your business and got an offer instead for partnership, whereas you receive about half what you were wanting for the business for them to be a partner/investor, and it also requires that you keep working and running it, would you consider this? What are the pros and...
  17. Richard Baldwin

    Can a square scrub fix this?

    For anyone that may have some experience with a square scrub. I'm considering taking on a sand and refinish job with this floor. I don't want to take a drum sander to it as only about 1/16 inch needs to be sanded off. I'm wondering if a square scrub can handle it. I've seen it do more in...
  18. Richard Baldwin

    Top Ten Driving tips for all you 'Mericans

    Even as far north as Toronto, the public goes into gridlock panic when it snows. It seems even most Canadians have forgotten what to do when it snows. Particularly when it comes to driving. Looking further south, into areas in the states that rarely, if ever, see snow on the roads, it must be...
  19. Richard Baldwin

    I found ***** online!
  20. Richard Baldwin

    A valuable lesson.

    I learned a valuable lesson over the past week and wanted to share it with you all. Over the past year or so I've been focused on cutting back my workload, because finding workers is very difficult in my area and I'm getting older. I'm still a very capable tech and considered one of the best...
  21. Richard Baldwin

    How's the weather for you now?

    I hear the states is getting hammered by this Polar Vortex. It's just as bad up here too! Hoping this all clears up by the end of the months so we can get out of the airport for ICE. I just took this pic out my front window earlier, and looking outside now, it's worse.
  22. Richard Baldwin

    The reason employers are tough on their help

    It has taken many years of trying multiple avenues with employees only to learn in the end that being the cheap boss that doesn't give out much and has hard-ass "follow the rules or work elsewhere" attitude is by far the best and most efficient way to handle the staff. Disagree? Of course you...
  23. Richard Baldwin

    Got through the 10th Yearly Business plan today... whew.

    Every year we still sit down and spend almost an entire day hashing out the years business plan. Today was a good day because I had to cancel my jobs due to -20C temps. (Im not sure what that is in Americanese) We had a nice quiet day to ourselves to get this all worked out, or at least...
  24. Richard Baldwin

    2014 wish list

    List here what mods you would like to see come out from suppliers and manufacturers this year. I'll add as I think of them, but one thing I'd like to see is a TM unit with a built in CFM gauge. This would be handy for monitoring filter blockage, blower performance, foam level in waste tank...
  25. Richard Baldwin

    New Weapon

    Here ya go. Apparently it does not require a license and can put a nail through a 2x4 at 200 yards. You almost look forward to a home invasion if you have one of these puppies so you can literally "Nail their ass to the wall".