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  1. PistolPete

    Thoughts on using a vanity phone number

    But don't use an out of area prefix. If you can get a local area code number, that works.
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    Expanding into the Tile & Grout Cleaning business

    Go big or go home! I do only T&G. Bought a truck mount and tools right out of the gate. IMHO you're very limited on what you can do with a portable @1200psi. If you want professional results, get a pro set up. I bill between $75 - $200 an hour.
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    Best Portable Options W/Heat

    That's been answered 1000 times on here. Do some research.
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    Featured If you were starting a carpet cleaning business today

    Why not just keep the name? There's a multi truck cleaner here in town called Steve's. Pretty sure no one expects the techs name to be Steve, nor the gal answering the phone. Once the transition is settled down, then you can change the name to small town carpet cleaning.
  5. PistolPete

    commercial cleaning services

    Let me guess, someone replies and your next post will have a back link to your business...try Google
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    Anyone notice a change in people who took the c-vaxx?

    I'm holding off on the vaccine too, along with about 50% of the population. Legally they cannot mandate a vaccine that hasn't been fully approved. The covid vaccines are all being administered under an emergency use authorization and have not been approved by the FDA. Until then they cannot...
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    New To The Business And Would Like Some Help With These Questions

    Spend the next 3 months searching and reading the posts on this forum. Every question you ask has been answered 100 times. Seriously, if you really want to learn, study!
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    2008 Bubble about hit again?

    The housing market is being driven by different forces today compared to 2008. Back then there were thousands of high risk loans. Today the market is driven by mass relocation from NY and California, combined with a construction shortage. Add the new work from home model that many businesses...
  9. PistolPete

    Hazy tile ...

    I use straight soft water to rinse. I use zep neutral floor cleaner if I need a neutral product. Usually that's just for polished stone, and I still spike it with GM.
  10. PistolPete

    Tile dries and haze appears ....

    Looks more like grout haze to me. I only do T&G. If it's new construction then I go straight to diluted acid toilet bowl cleaner, especially on the wood plank tile. Very fine mist and flat mop to spread / agitate. Then rinse at 1000 psi. I use heat year round here in N Florida. Only set at...
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    Let’s talk LVT & LVP

    Light mist of neutral floor cleaner. Red pad on 175. Shop vac with squeegee and damp mop to finish.
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    Anyone notice a change in people who took the c-vaxx?

    A known acquaintance had a relative killed in a car accident. Cause of death? Coronavirus... Went to a job a couple of weeks ago. The wife was noticeably absent. I asked if she was out of town but her husband said she had a bad reaction to the 2nd dose and had been in bed for 3 days. I was there...
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    Need a little giant

    Just curious, are these burners 12v?
  14. PistolPete

    My Steamway 2100

    How many hours on it? I had a similar issue and it was fuel delivery related. I added an inline fuel pump from the truck fuel tank and it cured it.
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    Need a little giant

    What about a diesel burner? I use a northstar and it rocks
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    Business super slow!

    Make sure you create a biz profile on Next-door too. It's the most powerful word of mouth referral network out there.
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    Pressure pulsation

    Yeah, I took the others apart and cleaned them. They're in good shape so that only leaves the chem pump. I'll order the valve assembly and delete the pump. Thanks brother!
  18. PistolPete

    Pressure pulsation

    Actually, I never use it. It's just on there from when I bought the TM. I probably should remove the chem pump. I assume I need to buy a check valve assembly to go in the port where the pump is? Thanks
  19. PistolPete

    Pressure pulsation

    So I pulled 5 check valves. 3 had crud on the springs, looked like plastic residue from drilling a hole. The 6th port drives a chemical pump. Even though there was debris, it has made no difference.
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    Client sent email - Are you vaccinated? How would you reply?

    So Bill Maher had to cancel his show because he tested positive for Covid...and he's been vaccinated...
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    What to do?

    Where abouts in Florida are you located?
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    $100 an hour....

    The pain of poor quality lasts longer than the joy of a cheaper price.
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    Prespray Temperature

    I would unscientifically say that by the time the solution hits the surface, it's pretty much room temp either way. The advantage of HF is ease of use more than temperature delivery.