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    ®®® Tips and Tricks!

    I just wrap the stair rail with a towel and bungee my hoses to it. Works enough and shows I care about their stuff.
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    Complete this sentence-I started my business because...

    Because I was a tech for another guy and said "I'm basically doing all the work. May as well collect all the money".
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    Viscose upholstery cleaning

    OMG count yourself lucky! Viscose I.E. Rayon or any of the multiple made up patent names for "imitation silk wood pulp" is means for a cleaners disaster. Give the owners your condolences and either move on, or sign a waiver because it's try or die for that garbage.
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    Epoxy floors, any takers?

    Im a cleaner and considered this as a add on. Experimented and did my own formica counters, toilet and sink. I learned a few things. Your a painter. Tons and tons of prep, if the area is lived in forget it. My dog shook once and I have hairs glued to my topcoat. Your a artist. No finished...
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    2008 Bubble about hit again?

    This 10000% Im in SW FL and get new clients every day moving here from new York, Michigan, and Colorado. Multiple a day even. Houses are in such high demand realtors are closing because no inventory you can literally sell your house here in a day with a diy sign in the yard. Its great for...
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    What’s the main causes of callbacks?

    Usually the expectation that the carpet they haven't cleaned in 10 years doesn't look "new/clean". I preach hard in the interview process about wear and tear making a high traffic area look "dirty" compaired to new unused areas under beds and such. Otherwise a few wicking spots are always easy fix.
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    How much furniture do you move?

    Im by the sq ft. Ill move anything sofa size or smaller at request, but if they don't want it moved that's cost savings i cut out that area from the bill. I strictly refuse to move any electronics, dressers with mirrors, or beds, excetera. I also offer a %discount for fully empty areas to...
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    Carpet Cleaning Injury Thread (Graphic)

    Pit bull bite through my boot, cut my nose in half with a angle grinder removing nails in terrazzo (10 stiches) thank god I was wearing goggles or I would be out a eye too. Snapped a tendon in my left foot tripping over my hoses, made the mistake of going to work the next day and the next...