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  1. Dennis Anderson

    The cost of a can of mushroom soup!

    Overheard my wife talking with another woman about an ingredient used in a lot of casseroles and that's a can of mushroom soup. For quite a spell, both women could buy it for under a buck on sale. A single can has taken almost an overnight jump up to $1.39. The under a buck is a thing of the...
  2. Dennis Anderson

    For a business still in it's first 5 years, what would you consider good growth in gross revenue's?

    For a business still in it's first 5 years, what would you consider good yearly growth in gross revenue's? Obviously too much might be unmanageable and too little isn't good either. What are your thoughts?
  3. Dennis Anderson

    She drives me crazy sometimes!

    Wife is sitting in the next room on a laptop capable of answering darned near anything she would ask of the web. Nope, got to come into the room, demand that I turn the channel so she can find out the score of the game. Drives me nuts she doesn't think she's got the world at her fingertips!
  4. Dennis Anderson

    What is with Windex?

    I have a nightly janitorial contract that I do. I like the shine Windex puts on windows, but I've had an weird problem with it. For instance on a glass door it will look fine for about the first 10 uses, then if a drip is left behind it will look milky in appearance or other words like crap. My...
  5. Dennis Anderson

    Of your companies gross, what percent do you take as your pay?

    I'm not asking for anyone's gross, so please don't list it. I'm wondering for budget reasons what percentage of gross to use for personal compensation for running my company. After sales tax, wife would like to be compensated 40% of each invoice to go to us for running the household, or as my...
  6. Dennis Anderson

    Is a website that provides a backlink to your website worth anything?

    I belong to a lead generation service that I haven't had any results with, at least none that even covers the $29.95 a month. What's the backlink worth?
  7. Dennis Anderson

    Instead of peddling chemicals, how about how to run your business first?

    I've been to a number of classes put on by chemical companies where we learn about their products and how they apply to cleaning. But here's a thought...We can buy more chemicals throughout the years if we ran successful businesses, correct? Or is it when one fails another steps up to take it's...
  8. Dennis Anderson

    Anyone have an Excel spreadsheet?

    Anyone know where I can get an Excel spreadsheet that computes what I need to charge an hour? I do have the one from Scott Warrington.
  9. Dennis Anderson

    It's a crap shoot for the consumer...

    With carpet cleaning the consumer can see for themselves the end result. Either the carpet is clean, or it's not. So much different than air duct cleaning where you really don't know what you're getting. You get firms that are in and out in a few hours, hustling to make more appointments in the...
  10. Dennis Anderson

    For my friends in the desert south west who do a lot of tile & grout

    Tile & grout cleaning in my experience anyway, takes alot of water. What do you do with the water you recover, not to mean what do you do with it when you get back home or to the shop, but at the job site. It would seem to me that you could easily exceed the volume capacity your waste tank can...
  11. Dennis Anderson

    What percentage of each dollar you make goes to overhead? No guesser's please!

    What percentage of each dollar you earn goes toward overhead? This is for the people who actually know, not simply putting your finger to the wind and doing a guesstimate.
  12. Dennis Anderson

    multi truck owners: what should a truck gross before adding another to the fleet?

    The heading says it all! What should a truck gross before you'd consider adding another?
  13. Dennis Anderson

    A mother just posted this in regards to Christmas on my Facebook feed

    Her young son was involved in an automobile accident a few years back and I believe he's a quadriplegic. It sounds like he's not doing well. I would say for alot of us no matter how bad things are for you this time of year, I would bet her post makes it all pretty trivial. She posts: "How does...
  14. Dennis Anderson

    Namco. How much more simple can a guy get?

    I don't have a truckmount, never use one, don't know much about them, but the simplicity of the Namco attracts me for some reason. What kind of reputation do they have as a company? They look like they would be very easy to work on. Fact...
  15. Dennis Anderson

    Freeze alarms

    I have a cheap box store alarm/reporting device that took a crap and doesn't report the temp anymore. I am looking for something a few steps up, something I can depend upon. I would like it to report to my cell of any problems. Anyone using something like this, and do you recommend it?
  16. Dennis Anderson

    Most valuable advice a parent gave you.

    My Dad's advice was to get to a point in life where your money is working for you, not you working for your money.Yeah right!
  17. Dennis Anderson

    Maybe I need to get out more!

    Just saw a programmable LED scrolling licence plate frame on a vehicle for the first time this evening. I thought it was pretty neat. Probably not legal in many places though?
  18. Dennis Anderson

    That time of the year! Knock, knock.

    It's that time of year when things get tight in some locations of the country and people go door knocking and leave fliers to drum up business. Just had a tree trimming service at the door from who knows where. Told him as a fellow business owner, the knocking on doors, leaving fliers was going...
  19. Dennis Anderson

    YouTube video's. Public, free for the taking or copyrighted?

    Anyone know the legalities of linking to a YouTube video? I ran across a specific duct cleaning video I would like to link to on my own website. Going to the creator's duct cleaning website where the video is, everything is copyrighted. However on Youtube, although I haven't scoured it, I...
  20. Dennis Anderson


    I was in Walmart early this morning and a Manager announced over the store loudspeaker that the cereal isle was "trashed," alerting her overnight crew to move over to the cereal isle to tidy it up for the sales day. I'm not so sure "trashed" is a very good thing for customers to hear. What...
  21. Dennis Anderson

    What do you love about cleaning apartments?

    I love doing apartments when more often than not, there is a single 25 watt bulb in a double place fixture, or you turn on the bedroom light and the single dim bulb that was in the fixture just went poof and now you must work in the dark. Apartment dwellers seem to be misers, trying to get by...
  22. Dennis Anderson has the most incredibly FAST customer service. I sent them an email requesting past invoices and before I could barely finish the email they were in my inbox. (Well, maybe not that fast). It's like they employ a huge room full of CSR's and all they have to do is wait to hear from me...
  23. Dennis Anderson

    Has anyone tried this?

    I run my portable from the truck. Has anyone successfully taken one of these, added it to the solution line and made a last step chemical injector? I'm looking to add my rinse in this manner. One thing I'm unsure of, is the hole that allows water to flow through it is very small, and it needs to...
  24. Dennis Anderson

    Do you show the number of vents?

    I'm working on a commercial written estimate for duct cleaning, but the same thing could go for residential. What's everyone's thoughts on showing the number of vents on the estimate? On one hand, it shows the customer the number of vents they have and could work to our advantage in getting them...
  25. Dennis Anderson

    Sharing pics with customer!

    I have ten images (pics) that I took off a bid I'm working on that are on my phone. The customer is interested in seeing them, so I sent them via. email off my phone, but they can't view them for some reason. Second best is to send them from my phone to my email on the laptop and painfully...