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    Any recommendations for some comfortable walking shoes? I wear some steel toe shoes, but my ankles and feet start to bother me towards the end of the day. So looking to see what type of shoes everyone recommends. Thanks!
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    TMF Truckmount

    Hey I know they said they were going to post a video on Nov 15th about their two models, but I can't find the thread on it. Did I miss it or something?
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    Favorite Vacuum For Low Pile/ CGD Carpets?

    Hey everyone, As the title says, what is your favorite vacuum to use on low pile/CGD carpets? I am looking into getting some vacuums for the commercial side of things, we currently use Proteam, but looking at other options. Looking forward to hearing everyone's opinions.
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    Favorite Encap Pads for an OP machine?

    Hey everyone, just wondering what is everyone's favorite Encap fiber pads when using an OP machine? I have only used one kind so far, so looking to see what else people suggest to give it a try. Thanks!
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    Favorite Microfiber Bonnet Pad

    Hey everyone, as the title says, what are your favorite microfiber bonnet pads to use?
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    Your Favorite Air Mover

    Hey everyone, what is your favorite air mover and why? I am in the market for an air mover to dry up those wet carpets and wondering what everyone here uses and why they like it best. Thanks!
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    Best Portable Extractor - Hard Floors

    Good Afternoon, I am in the market for a hard floor portable machine that can run spinners such as the Turbo Force Hybrid or SX-15. I been receiving a lot of calls for Tile and Grout lately for restrooms and office clean up. I do mostly commercial if someone can suggest a machine it would be...
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    Hey everyone, so I do not own a truck mount at the moment. I am using a PEX 500 with a evolution wand. Typically carpet is not our main goal we mostly do a lot of Janitorial but look into getting more into carpet cleaning and hard floor work. My staff constantly complains about the evolution...
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    Removing Splash From Strip & Wax On Walls

    Hey everyone, so I had an employee strip & wax a floor for one of our regular accounts. We used the Orbot Vibe and didn't have the splash guard, and so when stripping the floor, some of it got onto the walls. It took 4 months for the customer to report it on their walls and they want it...
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    Removing Fire Extinguisher Residue - Concrete Floors

    Hey everyone, I need some help with a concrete floor. The customer removes the powder from the fire extinguishers (all types) and it goes everywhere. They will be moving out soon and wanted the floors clean of it. Anyone got an idea or experience on getting this cleaned? They tried to...
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    Need Help On Stubborn Carpet

    Hey everyone, So I have this carpet floor that the customer uses as their entrance. I am not sure on the type of carpet/mats they are, the customer just told me they are suppose to work good with water. It has been getting worse as time has gone by, and I have tried to HWE with my portable...
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    Robs Encap Red Hot Cinnamon vs Robs Supercap Oxy 3x

    I was just wondering what the difference between the two products are as far as carpet cleaning goes for those who have used it? Do they perform and work about the same or is one superior over the other? I am planning on using it on 10 year old Nylon pile square cut carpet. Also, would adding...
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    Orbot Vibe - Hard Floors

    Hey everyone, Had a question on the Orbot Vibe when using it to clean floors. I have ceramic tile that needs to be cleaned, and was advised to use a white pad. So had two questions: 1. Can I still use the Velcro Pad Driver and not have to switch to a hard floor one. I have the job coming...
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    Mytee LTD 12 Speedster vs King Cobra Pro 1200 PSI vs Nautilus 1200

    Hey everyone, Looking into getting a portable carpet cleaner and a hard surface cleaner that has up to 1200 PSI. I currently have a PEX 500 carpet cleaner, but I have been getting a lot of calls for tile and grout so looking into getting a SX-15 so looking into getting a portable. Which of...
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    Battery Sprayer

    Hey everyone, I do not have a truck mount and have a 30,000 sqft carpet job coming up. We have used those 2 gal pump up sprayers before in the past, but it is too time consuming going to the sink and mixing chemical and then the time to pump it. I was looking at some battery sprayers that are...
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    Commercial Cleaning - Best CRB - Whittaker Trio vs. Brush Pro vs ?

    Hey everyone. I mostly do commercial cleaning and once in awhile residential houses/condos. I am looking into purchasing a CRB and wondering... 1. Which is your favorite CRB and why? 2. Which would you pick between the Whittaker Trio vs Brush Pro and why? Thanks for your help.