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    White Magic Water Pressure Loss

    I had a some what similar problem. I also have a HO. Turned out to be the pop off value. Toward the end wouldnt go over 200 psi. It is on the back top left of the machine. The peace inside decenigrated.
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    Please Help! White Magic Commander HO

    Make sure u haven't flipped the cold water valve on the top left side of the machine. It should be standing up closed.
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    water line issues...pressure problems

    Depends on machine. It will probably look like this.
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    water line issues...pressure problems

    Pop off valve could be going bad also. My white magic had the same problem also. The pressure would pulsate and do it at lower and lower pressures until it lost pressure completely.
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    Van Help!!!!

    It needs detailing but the vinyl job is 8 years old.
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    Van Help!!!!

    Mine do have limo tint on the side and back door windows also. Then the perforated vinyl on the outside. You can not see in.
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    Van Help!!!!

    I have an extended 2500 express. It has windows in the barn doors. I love the windows. It helps you see on coming traffic when pulling out on busy roads . Great safety feature IMO. I have the perforated vinyl over the windows. You can see out great but not in.
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    Nasty restaurant carpets by our standards

    Best option on my entire truck mount. The electric hose real. No helper so I would not want to work without it.
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    Block is cracked...eff call them and and have all the info off the tag on the motor ready. Just purchased a kolher. They know their stuff.