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    Best way to recapture dirty water?

    I powerwash a few restauraumt dumpster platforms. I need to recapture the water. I tried sucking up the sludge and water into my truckmount. What an awful, smelly mess. What alternatives are there? Should I get a portable flood pumper?
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    Duct cover workaround?

    Is there anyway to clean residential air ducts without taking the air duct covers off? Or at least not take some of them off? Floor duct covers are no problem, but those ceiling duct covers can be a huge pain. On large jobs especially we spend more time removing and installing duct covers than...
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    Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine?

    It’s getting really expensive to get my cleaning solution lines repaired. I want to get my own crimping machine or tools to crimp the typical 1000 psi solution line. Can anyone recommend a good crimping machine or tool to get? I’m willing to spend some $ if necessary for the right setup.
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    Home Advisor Sucking Worse and Worse

    I just called the customer prospect I got through Home Advisor. He had only been browsing on Home Advisor and was confused why they called him 9 times, plus my call. He had no interest in actually doing anything! I was charged $18 for this crap lead and Home Advisor again refuses to be fair...
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    2008 Blueline Vortec Thermalwave 2 for Sale

    Got about 3700 hours. The 61 hp GM Vortec engine is still running very well, but it “arcs out” with some ignition issue. Heat exchanger is cracked from improper winterizing. It’s on a pallet at the New England Steamway in Wallingford Connecticut. $5000 or best offer. Includes waste tank...
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    Water coming out of front of Thermalwave II

    My 2008 Blueline Vortec Thermalwave II has water coming out through the front as I was trying to de-winterize it. Unfortunately, I am wondering if my first winterizing attempt in 12 years last November failed to change out the water in the heat exchanger and ice wreaked havoc on the heat...
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    Anyone Used a Roller Vac?

    A retired old-timer wants to sell me his roller vac complete with weights for $250. I’m thinking of using it as a less clumsy alternative to the water claw on dry-outs and to quickly dry trashed-out carpets that required heavy flushing. Such drying would be done as a final pass at the end of...
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    How do I get Mike Ochoa of Boss Optima to pay me what he owes me?

    Hello I performed a job for Mike Ochoa and his company, Boss Optima on Feb. 7, 2019, over one year ago. I still have not been paid for the job, though I have tried to collect from them many times. The payout was supposed to be $175 for LR, 2BR, hallway, enzyme pet odor treatment. I spoke to...
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    Judson Re-engineering

    Has anyone had their truckmount “re-engineered by Judson? Boy, this sounds like a godsend. Apparently they strip off all the extra unnecessary bells and whistles, by the HX’s snd install propane heat. I love my 2008 Blueline Vortec Thermalwave 2 (3800 hrs). It’s 61 hp engine purrs along at low...
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    Hydrogen Peroxide Source

    Anybody know where I can get a pretty good deal on hydrogen peroxide? I used to buy cases of liquid gallons of 35% hydrogen peroxide called “Roxy” from Professional Standard Chemical (Performance Chemical) of West Palm Beach, Florida for $19.99 per gallon. Fantastic product!! However, due to...
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    How to Mask Off Kitchen Cabinets

    I am doing a tile and grout cleaning job tomorrow in a 250 ft kitchen area. Will pre-scrub with heavy alkaline treatment, then use gekko or spinner. What is the best way to protect the wooden kitchen cabinets? Painter’s tape only for bottom of cabinets? or tape plus poly/plastic for higher up...
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    Most Powerful Tile & Grout Extractor?

    I have been using my truckmount along with spinner and gekko wands to clean ceramic tile grout lines. When I use 1200 PSI from my truckmount, I seem to need to resort to the 1 jet Gekko blaster attachment to truly get grout lines clean. Slow, tedious, painstaking, it takes forever to do decent...
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    Dark Light Contrast on Partially Covered Rug

    A month after the cleaning, my customer is saying that I should have been able to make the darker part of carpet not protected by an area rug for years match the lighter part of carpet protected by area rug. Is there an article or research that I can use to show her that for various reasons, it...
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    Restaurant Dumpsters

    How do I best clean restaurant dumpsters and attached compactors on concrete platforms, and also surrounding asphalt? What a mess! Remains of rotten seafood and garbage goop everywhere stinking in the summer heat. The concrete platform is loaded with grease. They want me to try to recapture...
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    Overheating Water After Shutdown

    My old fuel fired steamway 4100 LX machine overheated AFTER it was shut down! if i had known i would have run cold water through, but the main problem is that the heater keeps billowing smoke and evidently heating the water 15 minutes after shutdown. smoke was pouring out of the machine long...
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    Truckmount Depreciation $10 per hour?!!

    It seems like a lot, but as a rough guess it costs me $10 per hour in depreciation cost to use my truckmount! I did a quick back of the envelope calculation purchase cost divided by service lifetime = $25,000/ 2500 hours = $10 per hour. I am ignoring maintenance and repair costs on one side, and...
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    Timbucktoo, I love you

    I love my Timbucktoo portable box extractor, purchased in 2002. Besides being good in hi-rise apartment buildings, its 100 psi and 10 gal tanks have saved my arse in numerous carpet cleaning jobs, where the big truckmounts went down for the count. The ultimate relief pitcher. Tough, dependable...
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    Want comfortable space for 3 people

    Does anybody carry 2 workers (plus self) around with them? Right now, when I have 2 workers in my fully loaded ‘08 Chevy Express extended, one has to sit on the floor between the front seats. Trying to figure out the best way to comfortably and legally transport 2 workers around with me all day...
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    White streaks on tile

    I used an approved alkaline cleaner for prescrub, then this happened! Anyone know what this might be and how to fix it?
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    Need more PSI?

    i need to talk to you guys about. . . grout cleaning. My worker and I just did about 400 sq feet of ceramic tile total in 2 commercial restrooms of about 200 s.f each. It came out absolutely beautiful, but we worked way too hard: it took us 4 hours!!!! I prescrubbed with Breakdown, and then...