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  1. Mighty Green

    Conversion from 220 to 110

    Hello Thinking about purchasing a diesel fired 3000 psi pressure washer but its 220. Can that be converted to 110 safely?
  2. Mighty Green

    Paying Commute Time

    Was wondering how you guys pay your employees if your picking them and dropping them off on the way to jobs. I understand that time starts when first job starts not for commute to the first job and last job to home. I guess this is only applies if you pick up your employee or your employee takes...
  3. Mighty Green

    Home Video

    So during my stay at home vacation I got a good video of my dog sliding his butt across my rug .So in my boredom decided to customize it as an advertisement for my business. Let me know what you think. If you need I can customize it with your logo and info through my app
  4. Mighty Green

    Vent Cleaning and disenfecting

    Hello Carpet cleaning has slowed down for us in my area do you think now's a good time to invest in the air and surface cleaning and sanitizing business...either commercial or residential. Of course with Everything going on it's makes sense. Just wanna get your input out there on what is...
  5. Mighty Green

    Hydrotek Powerwasher vacuum not working

    Hello I have a Hydrotek Power Washer Trailer with a reclaim unit on it and recently when I go to turn on the vacuum doesn't come on. I don't see a light either on the switch on the left side but see one on the right works. I'll add more pics when I get over the the trailer and get some close...
  6. Mighty Green

    How is this possible?

    A few weeks back we got a call from a customer who needed a room clean due to dog sharting everywhere in room. Since she is a return customer and we had been there 2 days before cleaning for a smaller incident I told her only $45.00 to hit that spot thinking it was just one small dog turd as she...
  7. Mighty Green

    Pricing discrepancy with customers

    On many numerous occasions ive had price discrepancies whereby customers call to get pricing,I get them a price based on rooms i.e. They say they have 3 rooms,hallway and stairs so I quote them say 165.00 plus cost of stairs say 2.00.per stair So my worker gets there and customer says I told...
  8. Mighty Green

    Shop location for carpet cleaning

    I have the opportunity to rent a commercial location for a decent amount of money per month. I know with carpet cleaning I don't really need it because were mobile but I'm hoping it will be worth it. I have a couple Vans and a box truck that will be lettered that will be right up front plus...
  9. Mighty Green

    Saltillo Tile Sealing

    I have a customer that has about 2600 square feet of Saltillo tile that is requesting to have clean and sealed but she's kind of bumbed out on the last seal job from another company because it dulled out pretty quick and it's hard to keep clean now. What is a good Sealer and procedure for...
  10. Mighty Green

    Cleaning up Feces

    I had a customer call about cleaning up a room where patient had shit on carpets and walls. Is that considered Biohazard and if so Is it required a Special company clean that up. If it something I were to do what would be the proper safety procedure's and charge for 1 room. Does it price more by...
  11. Mighty Green

    Putting pressure washer in van or box truck?

    Hello..I just bought a hydro tek diesel pressure washer and I Was wondering If it advised to put in box truck. I was told by local repair guy no but Ive seen some installed that way. Its on trailer now but I don't like to have To hall a trailer around
  12. Mighty Green

    Large Job coming up

    I have a large cafeteria job that is on cement floors.That have been sealed already bust they're due to be done again. Problem is I have between 8 at night and 4 in the morning to remove all tables and chairs,scrub and clean floors,dry,put sealer on and burnish.The area is about 5000 Sq ft. Is...
  13. Mighty Green

    Housecall Pro

    I was wondering if this app is worth Getting .Ive been getting sales calls on this And thought I would look into it. Right now I just book appt through my Google calender and then text the addresses to my cleaner and he puts address into his google maps and navigates from there. With Housecall...
  14. Mighty Green

    Wine stain on white couch

    Hello I have property manager for vacation Rental that has requested this cleaning. Apparent wine stain on white fabric couch.I cant tell what material it is but looks like it could be problematic if its the material I'm thinking of which I don't know the name but reminds of like a...
  15. Mighty Green

    No pressure on Performer 405.

    Hello Was running machine the other day and suddenly lost pressure. I can hear pump when I turn key. Waterbox is full. I took hose off of water pump and water Flowing through.Also took hose going to regulator and water getting to regulator. Regulator seems to be turn snagging or...
  16. Mighty Green

    Facebook advertising

    Can anybody recommend a company that can do my Facebook marketing. I just don't have time.I already have a FB page. My budget would Be anywhere from 200 to 400 a month Or more If it works.would there be one that possibly specializes in carpet cleaning?
  17. Mighty Green

    Best Plastic shoe covers?

    What's the best bang for the buck on disposable plastic shoe covers. The last ones I ordered from eBay were really thin and cheap...I threw them away. Before that I ordered some and I can't remember where I got them but they were good quality and not to expensive. Thanks
  18. Mighty Green

    Can somebody tell what kind of TM this is?

    Looking to buy a secondary unit . This set up is a couple hrs away from me so trying to find out more about it. It's some sort of Fleet sale so whoever selling it doesn't know a lot about it but it's only got 1,700 hrs on it .
  19. Mighty Green

    Mytee cs 2001

    Can anyone tell me if this is a good machine do you have to warm water for it to get hot or can it go from cold to hot. I have a old ninja 400 and water does not stay hot so I don't know if there is a problem with it or do they all require water to start with warm water. I've heard both that...
  20. Mighty Green

    Props to Amtex

    Just wanted to let everybody know that yesterdayI had employee break a switch on my Amtex Marine truckmount. So when he replaced the switch in back (which by the way was easily purchased at O'REILLY Auto parts) he Had the the wiring in the back reversed which in turn blew a fuse ,which In turn...
  21. Mighty Green

    Sealing Ceramic Tile

    Is ceramic tile designed to to be sealed? I know the grout can be but when we seal The grout we will usually run a thin coat Over the tile that gives it a little shean. Never had problems until other day customer said its streaky when she tries To clean it which is with a lite soap and water and...