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  1. groutguy

    What TMF members would you bring back?

    Yes! Torrey and Ross were quite the comical duo out of Indy, I remember Ross jumping on his titanium wand with a pair of short shorts, hilarious! Torrey and Ross also made a video of how to remove stains with some variety of toad excretion.
  2. groutguy

    What TMF members would you bring back?
  3. groutguy

    Do you ever "comp" jobs?

    I am quite active in networking groups, chamber of commerce etc... There are no shortage of charities looking for help at these meetings.
  4. groutguy

    Do you ever "comp" jobs?

    We do several a year for various charities. I recommend it! we actually get way more work from all the people involved with the charity recommending us and blasting us on their facebook pages.
  5. groutguy

    Service Frustration

    The smooth one is the el d with a perfectly aligned coupler and the Chief II has belts and vibrates quite a bit.
  6. groutguy

    Service Frustration

    For the most part my machines are reliable and easy to work on, and I do most of it myself, but it seems it's the Kohler engines that are the biggest problem from oil leaks to a host of other issues. Do you think having an engine mounted up high like this chief causes excess vibration, it seems...
  7. groutguy

    Service Frustration

    I have had several truckmounts in the last 15 years, I love cleaning tile & carpet, I love marketing, I love working on my website and seo. I hate dealing with truckmount repairs and maintenance. I am wondering how the service is in other parts of the country? The two closest repair facilities...
  8. groutguy

    Really miss the old TMF days!

    Always been that way, I have read through 10's of thousands of posts on here back in the day, filtered through them to get the golden nuggets. You learn which guys know their stuff and the one's...well not so much.
  9. groutguy


    We never got many tips before housecall days but when we started using their payment platform we tried it and were very surprised at how well it works. As the owner of the company I don't get as many tips as the techs do, even though I'm on many jobs. Quite often I will even refuse them, if i'm...
  10. groutguy


    That is a good idea, we also have it set for the less aggressive option but still get quite a few tips. So do you send them the email or text and then stand there while they pay it or do you send and leave? The problem I have with sending residential customers the invoice links is they always...
  11. groutguy

    What do you say when your clients ask...

    I always just say 6-8 hours depending on many variables such as humidity levels, fiber type, soil level, but always advise them to wait overnight to put back any wood or metal furniture or other items that could damage the carpet.
  12. groutguy

    GoDaddy wants to make me a website.

    Another option to consider is using the Google website in GMB. If you do a great job working your GMB, meaning adding posts, pictures, getting reviews can elect to use their website service and everything is added automatically, It's stupid cheap and easy. If I didn't have the ability...
  13. groutguy


    So we use Housecall Pro and love it, but in the pre covid 19 days we would always hand the customer our phone or tablet to sign for cc payments, this helped us get a lot of tips because it was offered. Now we are hands free, we don't touch the customers card and they don't touch our phones...
  14. groutguy

    Really miss the old TMF days!

    Although I have never been a big poster, I have been coming to this forum for a long time! Reading, learning, and it has also been very entertaining at times! I would stay up until 1am sometimes because there was so much posting going on that it was hard to read it all. There was a business...
  15. groutguy

    Do you wear a mask at every job?

    We wear them while we're with the customer doing walk through and at the end when getting paid. We keep our distance the rest of the time.
  16. groutguy

    Tcs Chief II sputter

    I don't know for sure because we had to replace the hour meter but I believe it's around 2000. For the most part I like the machine because it's open and pretty easy to work on, has great heat and vacuum. A couple of things I don't like about it....It seems to be too hot, the muffler right off...
  17. groutguy

    Tcs Chief II sputter

    So we got our tcs back yesterday and did 3 jobs so far and it appears to be running well. They cleaned the oxygen sensor, replaced the spark plugs, replaced the fuel pump, replaced the crank sensor/speed sensor.
  18. groutguy

    Tcs Chief II sputter

    Dang, I have a similar issue with the same machine. It's going back in the shop Monday for the 2nd time. The first time they said they found a pinched wire, when we got it back it was good for about a week and a half then started acting up again. It was also draining the van battery and left us...
  19. groutguy

    Replace Waste Tank Blower Filter for El Diablo

    My filter separated like that too, I actually took a drill and drilled holes and used small zip ties to hold it together. It's still going after several years.
  20. groutguy

    Google Business Listing Vanishes?

    None of your videos work...says you tube account closed.
  21. groutguy

    I think I have made my Decision

    I like my Diesel El D, I'm coming up on 4000 hours
  22. groutguy

    Cat pump oil

    Can I use Cat pump oil in a general pump?
  23. groutguy

    Prochem Wand leaking significantly

    Seems like every November for us, everything starts dripping and leaking. We never let our stuff freeze but even temps in the 40's can cause issues. There are rebuild kits for the trigger and springs and balls in the jets most likely.
  24. groutguy

    First job ever today......

    When running hoses over ledges like that you should protect the paint with towels or a hugger type guard, the vacuum hose will continuously shrink and expand, this movement will easily damaged the corners. The rug is really whatever the customer wants. If you move it and clean under it, it will...