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  1. jtsunbrite

    best place to get pumptec 207v and price

    i have one going out whos got the place to get one at
  2. jtsunbrite

    Has anyone used this pump Cat Extractor Pump .75GPM .3HP 500PSI

    This is the pump , its light weight , but will it hold up? the cat pump in the Nautilus is extremely heavy, HAS ANYONE USED OR HAVE THIS ONE AND HOW DO THEY LAST AND IS THE PRESSURE GOOD?
  3. jtsunbrite

    Finally I got my Chems from Rob, lol slow shipping

    I have waited and waited, finally today it came.. then i realized they only sold me a small jug of Grout Master instead of the pail. Not to worry i just put in a order for a pail of grout master.. Now to other business Where is the Robs Secret Formula????? are yall out ? I am down to the...
  4. jtsunbrite

    Did yall stop selling Robs Secret Formula the regular one

    I don't see regular robs secret formula on the tmf store do you still have some? I want a five gallon bucket
  5. jtsunbrite

    What Cell phone do you use?

    Cell phones run our business, but which is the best and which do you use and what do you recommend ? I have the Samsung s8 but im and going tomorrow to get a new Samsung, what ever is the newest latest and greatest How about you and do you use your phone for everything like I do
  6. jtsunbrite

    I texted TMF and got no promo code

    where is my 6% code and can I combine a scratch off with it,,, I want to spend some money
  7. jtsunbrite

    Your Best macgyver or davidson Moment this year !!!

    So my Nautilus burned a cord right at the base of the machine so I had to cut up an extension cord to rewire the machine on the spot to finish the job... Jim Davidson is my hero on this stuff ,,,,, Thank you Jim
  8. jtsunbrite

    Patching on poly carpet !

  9. jtsunbrite

    How much Product do you keep on the shelves ?

    I am a chemical hog, I buy way too much, because I just have to try everything to see, if I like it or no,t or even if it works.. So since probably Nov, I have not bought anything because me and my guys are trying to burn thru all of the cases of stuff I had bought thru the last 30 years... So...
  10. jtsunbrite

    Travertine Questions

    What is the difference between StoneTech High Gloss Finishing Sealer and a acrylic sealer wax? I don't remember what the coverage of the stonetech sealer above is.. This house is a Harvey flood victim, 3500 sq ft of Travertine,,, I am doing this for the Contractor, he did not like my grind...
  11. jtsunbrite

    Lets talk about Chemical Development ! What would you like to see in 2019

    We all have a lot of chems in our trucks, in our storerooms, and garages. I have degreasers, emzime cleaners, peroxide cleaners, high ph cleaners. What I don't have is a good Acid based cleaner along the lines of CLR , to kind of like preclean a pet decontamination job before I use the USRs...
  12. jtsunbrite

    Who is working on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

    We are working tomorrow on Christmas Eve, but not on the 25th.... I myself am only doing 1 house then im going home ! we are not working wedsday either... what about you?
  13. jtsunbrite

    Stained Concrete job plus Rug

    This was modern cabin, dirty concrete stained floors and a dusty rug That Rug Smack kicked a lot of ass on. Heres the pics questions?
  14. jtsunbrite

    Repair doorway

    Cat torn this doorway up, at a house I was cleaning at.
  15. jtsunbrite

    Pile Reversal

    This condo was used as a storage dump for 15 years, washers , dryer, iceboxes, lawn tools, everything.... So they clean it up and replaced carpet upstairs but left this crappy carpet, I told him at least 20 times to yank it but he wanted to keep it... Horribly worn and had pile reversal.. I...
  16. jtsunbrite

    My new 13 inch scrubber find on Craigslist

    This machine is one year old, owner paid over a grand for it, I paid 300 for it,, you cant get much better than this, no wear or tear on this baby. no rust , just clean and shiny like new....
  17. jtsunbrite

    ISSA show in Dallas ! Any one going besides Me? I will be there Tuesday Morning to go to the trade show and see all the new stuff, I don't need any seminars or training... Then im going to Jon-Don to spend some money , then to Cobb carpet supply to spend a little... Any one else going??
  18. jtsunbrite

    What is your Weapon of choice in Wax Applicators?

    This is what I use, what do you use please send links too
  19. jtsunbrite

    Pump Tec 207v

    Pump went out today in the nautilus, so where is the best price for pumps , motor is humming im sure the head is still working but the motor is done for
  20. jtsunbrite

    New Travertine clean and Seal

    Yup another flood job rehab, new travertine floor, 2800 sq ft, $2 sq ft
  21. jtsunbrite

    Flooded Slate Restoration

    These two porches had about a foot of mud caked on them after the hurricane, they tried to clean it and couldn't get it to look right so I was called to clean it up.
  22. jtsunbrite

    What do you see?

    This is a 3 bd house, hall, and living room. I vacuumed this house 4 times ! What do you see, what would you tell the custy ? I will tell the story and the Realtor Heong is a little hard to deal with. What would do
  23. jtsunbrite

    Cleaning up storage areas

    So I sold the kayaks, and I realized all three garages were packed to the gills with chemicals, pad, equipment, tools and just crap... So I noticed a spill, gallon of acid grout cleaner split its seams and drained into my tub of carpet dyes (holy crap) I salvaged 6, 1 pound jars out of about...
  24. jtsunbrite

    mop and glow job !

    I did this job today, 3 rooms of mop and glow crap, it came off in sheets of elmer glue goo. Red, blue pads did nothing to get it off it was the bonnets that did the trick.. I used neutral clean and some NCL barebones stripper
  25. jtsunbrite

    3.2 mil. house of pee !

    Monster house 5064 sq ft of carpet, wood, tile, slate, and all of it full of pee pee ! This house is on a huge golf course and very stinky. Cleaning , Scrubbing, Spotting, Pet treatment = 1295 wood floors, tile and grout, slate office = 2250 total 3545 Pics