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    Are third party chemical certifications important to you?

    How important are Green Seal or CRI logos to you as you make you cleaning chemical selections? The industry has many of these type of certs are they really of any value to the end user of the product being purchased?
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    A Radical Sale

    Merry Christmas!!!! Radical Encapsulating Rinse is on sale until Friday the 21st of December, Normally $129 it is now at the Radical price of only $99 and you still get the $7 shipping, Just one container will rinse up to 96,000 sf and low moisture clean up to 48,000 feet. The best is a even...
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    A Radical Sale

    Merry Christmas!!!! Radical Encapsulating Rinse is on sale until Friday the 21st of December, Normally $129 it is now at the Radical price of only $99 and you still get the $7 shipping, Just one container will rinse up to 96,000 sf and low moisture clean up to 48,000 feet. The best is a even...
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    Radical Rinse - Limited time 2lb samples

    HI, While supplies last you can get a 2lb sample of Revive iT Radical Rinse for only $25 and it includes FREE shipping in the contiguous US. This is enough to rinse or boost up to 25,000 sf or LM clean up to 12,000 sf. Strict limit of 1 per customer.
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    Walking out of my sons school from a little 3rd grade Thanksgiving get together and saw this on a door. Amen.
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    Bonnet Pro - Closed for vacation - 11-24 returning 12-3

    I will be around next week if you guys need anything before I go. Thanks.
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    Bonnet Pro - New super size sample pack includes Radical Rinse! Now you can create your own sample pack and choose from all of the selections below including new Radical Rinse. You have three categories and you will pic one from each getting exactly what you would want...
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    Rockets Radical Rinse, the 1 ounce encap is Ready

    Hi, The page is up and sales start Monday. You can pre order now if you like.
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    Anyone going to ISSA Texas

    If so get a free pass From Bonnet Pro at this link: What is most important for you at a show like this?
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    CRI Approves bonnet cleaning for maintenance.

    I was speaking with Mark Warner this morning. If you don't know him he helps the IICRC and is the education manager for ISSA to name a few of his contributions to our industry. Mark shared this with me. All of you Bonnet cleaners should read this! With help from people like Mark The tide is...
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    Something NEW from Bonnet Pro

    Hi, I am working on a powdered encapsulation extraction rinse and booster with citrus and oxy and AFT. This picture is the finished carpet dried and vacuumed. I tried it today as a bonnet cleaner at 1 ounce per gallon in cold water. I did use a little oxy and no rinse spotter. Older IronMan...
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    The best UPH Tool?

    Hi, Ive used a CFR uph tool for years. It cleans well imo, but is a little awkward to use. Cleaning UPH is not my favorite task. Anyway, a good commercial customer wants me to do a bunch of pieces for the building. What is the best tool out there today? Its been over a decade since I bought...
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    Bonnet Pro - Summer vacation shutdown/ and how to take advanatage of our once a year SALE!

    Hello, WE will be closing for summer vacation on 7-20 until 8-2-2018 If you dont have it, please sign up for my private Bonnet Pro news and discounts. This one will include my once a year customer appreciation sale that includes ALL Bonnet Pro products as well as other important upcoming...
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    Bonnet Pro - Two new products

    Hello, I have added two more products to my line that contain AFT. Active Film Technology is the next advancement in carpet cleaning technology. Read more: Dont let the neutral pH fool you, these products are great cleaners and are actually...
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    Bonnet Pro Closeout Specials

    Hi, I have two items for you. Surround OMEGA the original formula. I have 48 cases at $109 with $7 shipping Revive iT Confidence 30 cases at $109 with $7 shipping (This formula is the same as original...
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    Thought this was funny

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    Silver Bullet Edition MiniMax

    Not on site yet. What do you think of the look?
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    Banner ads

    When did TMF remove banner ads other then their own?
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    Bonnet Pro - New technology and product

    I have something new in limited quantity for you guys. OMEGA Citrus with ProFresh and AFT is a neutral pH high performance product with the new proprietary AFT technology and a new crowd pleasing Citrus and ProFresh scent. Can be used for low moisture and as an extraction pre spray...
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    What logo looks better??

    Please tell me which one you like more. Thanks!
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    Anybody see these bonnets before??

    The one has three different fibers and they both have the unique swirl designed to reduce drag and pull soils up into the bonnet. I will try them next week under the Mini. Your thoughts??
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    Do you consider this difficult?

    In the pic below, do you guys consider these items difficult to remove especially without the use of a solvent? Markers are permanent inks. Carpet is a looped untreated nylon. Spills had 24 hours to dry on test carpet. The left side was treated with a new ingredient Bonnet Pro is developing...
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    Found some original Supima and Pro Cotton bonnets - Fantastic prices!

    Hi, Was cleaning out my shop making room for Spring stock and found a handful of cases that I will sell for $35 per case any size plus shipping. The only catch is you must already be a Bonnet Pro customer in my system, no exceptions. These are not online so send me an email to order...
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    New IronMan version your thoughts??

    Hello, Some people tell me that the IronMan works great under their OP machine will others say they have had some issues or that the machine tears up the bonnet. I have had zero issue with rotary machines that I am aware of. IMO the bonnet is grabbing the carpet and causing the driver to slip...
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    Closed for Christmas vacation - Bonnet Pro

    Hello and Merry Christmas to everyone! We will be closed from December 21st and re opening on December 27th May the reason for the season be well known in your hearts and may you be blessed by it.