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    TMT Unit - Trailer with Hoses Optional

    I have an older TMT trailer set up available. I took the truckmount out and placed it on a pallet if you would like to purchase just the unit. I have attached a couple of pics of the truckmount. It does need a new pressure pump as this one has a small crack in it. It holds PSI pretty good up...
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    Variety of Hard Surface Equipment

    My son put this on Ebay for me, link below. I came across this in a Janitorial Company sell. It would just collect dust in my van as I have these items and backups as well. All the tools are in really good shape.
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    Business Opportunity - Anderson SC

    I have a customer that has a few locations in Anderson SC that called me today seeking a quality Tile and Grout Cleaner. If you or someone you know, offering a quality job, please contact me via email at [email protected] I have serviced four locations locally every other month which also led...
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    Problem Upholstery - Seeking Help

    I have this account that I have been working for years. I clean the tile and grout and the upholstery. Most locations are easy because I have encouraged the management to keep the bus boys/employees from setting their buckets on the upholstery chairs and booth backs. However, one location cant...
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    Opportunity in Austin, Texas - Need Help?

    I currently service a very good customer in my area who now has multiple locations in the Austin, Texas area needing the same services. He is looking for Tile and Grout Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning. Each location is serviced on a quarterly basis. It takes me and one helper about 3 hours...
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    Modification of my Truckmount

    I would really like to go to a dual wand set up for my Tile & Grout clients. Understand that 90% of my business is in commercial Tile & Grout. Most of my jobs average 2000 to 2500 sq ft of quarterly maintenance services so the buildup is not too bad, cleans easily. So here is what I would...
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    Judson's O2 Prespray

    I have used this product in the past and was mildly impressed on some of my commercial jobs. I am wondering what you guys think of this prespray or if you have one you recommend. I like the smell and can get good results when boosting it. Also, do you all recommend something for residential...
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    Take a look at this, then give some advice.

    I just cleaned 10,000 sqaure feet in this bank. This is a picture of a 2" stretch of carpet that is lighter than the other carpet. I noticed every where that they had a seam upstairs, that this 2" wide band would be the length of the seam. One other thing to note is that the entire carpet on...
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    Jet Extenders

    Where do I get them? What length? I have the PC Titanium 6-jet wand. I bought a new glide for it and look at the current jet setup, it looks like they are hitting the back of the glide more than the carpet. I cant find them anywhere on the interlink website. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Truckmount Concerns

    Have any of you ever had this issue before......Recently, during cleaning, once my waste tank fills, after I drain, my truckmount seems to struggle to get back to operating RPM. Its starts out as a slow murmur, even cutting off occasionally, then a few seconds later, it revs right up and works...
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    Roots 36 Blower Questions

    I have a Roots 36 Blower on a Powerclean Industries Freedom XT Truckmount. There are 2 vac holes on my waste tank with only one being used and the other being closed off. I have a few questions for those with more knowledge than myself. I am wondering if I open the other vac hole and put...
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    Servicing my Truckmount - Need some Help!

    The nearest Interlink Supply dealer in my area no longer employees the guy that I felt most comfortable handling the maintenance and service related issues on my Truckmount. I know alot of you on here actually service your own truckmount, but not being mechanically inclined, I choose to...
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    Awning Cleaning???

    Have any of you ever been asked to perform awning cleaning? If so, can you give me some advice on cleaning methods, solutions used, and time saving tips. I have ordered several training videos from RJN out of Florida and Delco from Texas. A large current customer has asked me to start...
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    Filtration Line Solutions!

    What have you guys found to be the best treatment for Filtration Lines. We have a super large house with filtration lines all along the upper floor walls and want to make sure we take the best possible product to remove them. We we thinking about Traffic Slam. Thanks for your help.
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    Vehicle Upholstery Pricing

    Can any of you guys give me some pointers and pricing for cleaning the upholstery and carpet in a vehicle. I know pricing varies by market, but just want some ballpark numbers. Also, are there special chemicals for cleaning basic fabric in vehicles. Not leather. Thanks for any advice.
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    RX20 Question - PSI and heat

    Can you guys tell me what PSI you are running on your RX20 and what temp water you are using. I know with the additional jets and water flow, you may have adjusted some. Thanks for your help.
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    Carpet Cleaning Trade Secrets????

    I ordered the full set of videos from George the other day and cant wait to get them. Being new to the carpet cleaning world, I want to learn everything I can and his videos look pretty thorough. Have any of you ordered them and, if so, what do you think about them? Also, do you guys...
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    Upscale Hotel Quote - Help Requested!

    I got a call to provide a quote for an Upscale Hotel Chain recently built in our area. The only hotels that I have serviced previously have only been for Tile & Grout Services since I have been unable to compete price wise for the carpet. I was actually amazed to find out the Hampton Inn near...
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    Anybody familiar with Xact Tools Wands!

    I am looking at purchasing a Titanium 6-jet wand and saw this guys wand at less than a third of the price. Has anybody used his wands in the past and can verify to the quality, workmanship or anything else about the wands. Check out the link to his products...
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    RX20 on Carpet Tiles

    I have read that using the RX 20 on Tiled Commercial Carpet is a "no-no", can any of you provide some first hand advice. I dont want to try it for fear of damaging the tiles, but I also dont want to leave productivity on the table if it is possible to use it.
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    New Uniforms!

    I am also trying to revamp my business look and would like to add new uniforms. Have any of you guys been through this. I am not sure whether to go with tees or through a uniform company like Cintas. Any advice from those that have done this. I have three employees and want all of us to look...
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    Sears Carpet & Upholstery Franchise

    We recently had an ad in our paper looking for local entrepenuers interested in their franchise opportunity. I submitted my information over to them to get their prospectus and see what it is all about. Can any of you tell me if you have ever dealt with Sears or know of any franchisee's that...
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    Urine Stains on Tile and Grout

    I clean alot of Tile and Grout, and the toughest problem that I encounter is around the male urinals in restaurants. The grout lines are whitle or look like the urine has permanently stained them. Any help? Tim