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  1. andykramer20

    Just starting

    I've been subing out window cleaning for awhile for my janitorial company. Wondering what type of cleaner most of you use as I'm going to try and start doing it myself. Thank you for any help
  2. andykramer20

    Any body try

    Any boxy try omega zyme from bonnet pro yet?
  3. andykramer20

    Gel Break

    anyone use gel break from BP wondering how it performs compared to other kids of citrus gels?
  4. andykramer20

    Fire Storm

    Any one try the new firestorm from Pros Choice yet got my free sample today just waiting for something trashed to try it on. Just wondering if anyone tried it yet?
  5. andykramer20

    Citra Solv

    Citrus Solv I always avoided adding citrus solv and products like it to my prespray unless I needed as I thought they caused resoiling but now Bridgepoint has it in Bio Break and Flex Powder and I really like the products. Am I wrong does it not cause resoiling?
  6. andykramer20

    Bio Modifier Extreme from bridgepoint

    So I have been playing with this for the last week or two and really love the smell but I have not had a severe odor problem yet so I cant say whether or not it works on cat urine or severe dog odor any one having success?
  7. andykramer20


    Was talking with a fellow carpet cleaner the other day who swears by encapuclean I have never tried it but he says it is as good as Releasit,BP and Vacaway. Just wondering if anyone has tried it and thinks the same?
  8. andykramer20

    dry down

    Ok Just wondering what everyone has seen from there encaps as far as dry downs? The good and the bad I have used a lot of different encaps and have seen great resoiling by Vacaway releasit and also Judson. I like to do side by side test also let encaps dry on my desk and see if they feel...
  9. andykramer20


    Tried out Confidence on a trashed rental today worked fantastic.
  10. andykramer20

    Favorite Juice

    Well it hasnt been asked in a while and some new heavy hitters have been released lately what is everyone new or old favorite encap juice or encap juice combo. Me for everyday use I Like Encap green and for nasty stuff Peroxcellant and Encap Green Mixed. I have Been playing with the new...
  11. andykramer20

    o2 system

    Any one using the O2 System from judson can you let me know what you think of it please. Thanks
  12. andykramer20

    mytee M5 vs LTD 5 with air 23

    the other day I was watching some you tube and noticed the ltd with the air 23 got less cfms than the m5 did with the same set up is there a reason for this?
  13. andykramer20

    2006 Ford E250 and El Diablo

    I have a 2006 Ford E250 with an El Diablo for sale it the van has 30000 miles and the el diablo has 400 hrs on it. it comes with a rotovac 360 and evolutionwand 2 inch it also has a pump out had problem getting it loaded in the classifieds it you have any question or are interested please PM me...
  14. andykramer20

    Mytee Hot Turbo

    Got a Mytee Hot turbo for sale brad new decided to go with propane so I didnt overload the generator if your interested please call Andy. 920-372-3027 call anytime. Asking $300 I think retail is 450 ish.
  15. andykramer20

    Mytee ETM Plus question

    How many amps does the ETM plus run on do you have to plug it into a dryer out let or can you plug into normal outlets? if you use a generator how large of one are you suggesting?
  16. andykramer20

    Does TMF Still have a store

    Does TMF still have a store.
  17. andykramer20


    Anyone here using Surround products just wondering what you think of them and how they compare to Releasit and Vacaway Products.
  18. andykramer20

    Air Hogs and distance

    So would we be better off using air hog and separating them every 50ft cause we loose suction with distance or would you be better off using a 3 vac system and then a booster. Say you were going to run 150 feet would it be better to use 3 air hogs with a water hog pump then to use a LTD5 and run...
  19. andykramer20

    Had a Blast with Blast today.

    I tried the new two part product from Vacaway its called Blast It is awesome worked fantastic at cleaning spotting and removing odor.
  20. andykramer20

    Pros Choice Drops New low Moisture Products

    Pros Choice just released New APE Cleaning Solutions and APE Catalyst which is a Booster for the system they also Released a special Bonnet that absorbs more soil. has anyone heard about it or seen the new products I think they are really cool.
  21. andykramer20

    New Mytee Product

    John I was wondering if you got the pictures of the upgraded speedster that you had mentioned a few months ago. Also for some of us who cant make it to connections will there be a place we can go to check out the new machines.
  22. andykramer20

    1005dx and 2 air hogs

    Going to get a trailer and put 1005 dx with 2 air hogs and all the fixings. Getting pretty excitied any suggestions for the rest please let me know. One thing I am kicking around is getting a 3rd air hog for even extra boost that one I would bring in the house with me.
  23. andykramer20

    Trailer good or bad idea

    I have been thinking about building a portable setup in a trailer like I see many people have in this forum any down side to doing it? Like is it difficult doing jobs on busy streets and congested apartments. I guess what Im asking is do you ever wish you would have put it in a van.
  24. andykramer20

    I love this site

    I am so glad that someone finally made a site for carpet cleaners. We all know we learn more from each other than we do anywhere else. Been in the business for 10 years and Im still learning every day.