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    Bane clene Vacuum flashing question.

    I need to flush out my bane clene once a week. they want you to put 2 oz. of bane clene oil in the vacuum portion of the machine to clean of grim the might be stuck on the propellers. does anyone have any idea what oil i could use to do this? you must need to do this for other units. i'd rather...
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    question on flushing the vacuum system on bane clene

    What type of oil can i buy to do this rather then buying it through bane clene. there must be something out there that will work that i can buy in the local school. thanks!
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    My recovery tank is leaking!

    I have a bane clean paramount unit and i woke up today to see that my recovery tank was leaking through the bottom of my van.... so obviously the vans rusted now... must have been going on for awhile, its leaking from the back side of the tank so i had no idea unit now. I bought some west system...
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    Leak in my recovery tank!

    i have a leak in my recovery tank.... don't know what to do. I bought some west systems compound sealer. and I was thinking of buying some kbs tank sealer for gas tanks. any insight on what i should do?
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    Bane Clene water level's help!

    Hello, this website is amazing; i'm new and i've definitely turned to this site many time for knowledge. I can't wait till i can start sharing some of my own! anyways. I have the bane clene paramount and the gallons of water indicator stick is missing on the tank.... is there anyone out there...
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    How do I make a business proposal for my bank!?

    Hey guys! I'm new to all of this. I search the forum and I didn't see anything on this topic! I'm super excited about getting started in this business and I need to take out a loan because my past plans aren't gonna work out.... So, I need to do a business plan! Pretty pumped to say the least...