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  1. Johnson52

    Ford 2006 E350, Prochem for sale

    Selling my 2006 Ford E350 van equipped with Prochem Blazer GT truckmount. Van is loaded up, looks good , runs good V10 motor, and has been a pleasure to own as it has been trouble free. Miles are high at 200,075 but has been well maintained. First owner who was a customer and myself. Purchased...
  2. Johnson52

    Prochem Apex air filter

    Looking for a reasonably priced air filter for my Prochem Apex GTX. It is listed as a Zeems 8618119 but different manufacturer on filter and part number illegible. wants$89.56 plus tax and shipping. Hurts my cheap gene.
  3. Johnson52

    Prochem Apex GTX Wanted

    Would like to purchase a well maintained somewhat lower hour Prochem Apex GTX. Very much prefer 100 gallon waste tank . Don't really need van but would consider if it makes sense. Please no get me out of hock pricing because that will be a waste of time. Thank you. John 559-6789-8139
  4. Johnson52

    Ebay auction two days to go.

    Hydroforce 4'' tile tool. Hasn't been used. Currently at $95.00 plus $20.00 shipping ends Saturday 5/25/19. See photo.
  5. Johnson52

    Crazy fast delivery

    I live in Central California I made a small order from Truckmountforums on Saturday morning Nov 3rd. Checked the mail box when I got home today Nov 5th my order had already arrived. I know Amazon sometimes is that fast but they have warehouses all over. Rob & son getting it done.
  6. Johnson52

    Cimex R38 for sale

    Just listed my Cimex R38 Cyclone for sale. Information and pictures on Fresno, Ca Craiglist. I am located in Exeter, Ca which is central California. It is the smaller size. Asking $1350.Brushes and pads. John 559-679-8139
  7. Johnson52

    Truck Mount Search

    Bought one Thanks !