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  1. Ramarkusa

    Sad Day For My Van Today :(

    well look at it this way, once the carpet is out it no longer looks like a date-rape
  2. Ramarkusa

    Yeah so... customer's pit bull bit me right on the head of my cock last night

    sheeesh, just a little tact please..maybe this customer's nice puppy mistook my peepee for a snausage and attempted a nibble, or something like
  3. Ramarkusa

    Extremely cheap electric hose reel

    my electric hose reel is my helper and my tazer to keep him moving
  4. Ramarkusa

    Was called to clean the carpets of a murder scene. what would you have done?

    trust me...i do...crime scene clean up is very expensive
  5. Ramarkusa

    Was called to clean the carpets of a murder scene. what would you have done?

    might be state driven as far as requirements, but here for crime scene clean up there is certification..whenever there is a large amount of blood/bodily fluids, there is the liklihood of toxins,bacteria,potential for must be properly suited,equipment must be wrapped properly,you...
  6. Ramarkusa

    What do you do when your wand breaks in the middle of a job?

    no big deal, i always carry several wands...thought everyone does
  7. Ramarkusa

    Are small ripples in carpet hard to repair?

    the wall trimmer, !!! be careful to adjust the blade depth and height properly, or you may cut too much off and have a gap between the carpet and wall...on a small stretch where you end up not having to pull along the entire length of a wall, you can trim excess of by hand, folding back and...
  8. Ramarkusa

    Portables came a long way!

    Had a similar unit, although i had the little giant recirculating pumps, not demand pumps, which allowed me to tag-team the two in a series just like setting up 2 vac motors in a series, made of aluminum, heavy , something like 120 lbs. but with 2 pump motors in a series, and 2 vac motors in a...
  9. Ramarkusa

    Dog urine in grout....

    dog urine in grout???, and i thought only humans pissed in the shower..;)
  10. Ramarkusa

    Are small ripples in carpet hard to repair?

    you can easily fix with a knee kicker, move the furniture that restricts the carpet from stretching as you go along. as far as ripples, if it's feasible, pull the carpet back to check for de-lamination. many times those little 'ripples' that look like a ruffles potato chip is actually the...
  11. Ramarkusa

    Would You Ever Join a Franchise?

    No, you have to open your books to them, many franchise operations are so strict you are limited to the amount of creative latitude you can exercise, Franchise fees, there's the demographic areas you must avoid if a brother franchise holder operates there. Many get into the franchise environment...
  12. Ramarkusa

    If you were forced to get rid of your truckmount

    btw unless you have a gauge at the wand all there is to go by is the gauge on the machine, so that's a point of reference for any machine, next a number 3 blower that is vacuum direct will draw very far, nearly as far as a number 4 with a large waste tank, not a guess, i've used it. the prowler...
  13. Ramarkusa

    Looks like there might be a new sheriff in town

    wont be long now before deron shows up to tell you guys how crappy this is, or it was his design first, no??
  14. Ramarkusa

    What are some cheaper items that you don't buy from your distributor?

    i try and make it a point to buy as much as possible from anywhere else
  15. Ramarkusa

    Just ripped up some carpet. Ever seen something like this underneath?

    those pesky happy-go-lucky mountin dwelling-pineapple-eatin pacific horny-toad termites, they'll do it every time !!
  16. Ramarkusa

    Identifying carpets?

    until you get enough experience to just know, you can buy fiber id solution from any carpet dye supply house
  17. Ramarkusa

    Hey Ya'll check this out

    one of the more red-neck designs i've seen
  18. Ramarkusa

    Just ripped up some carpet. Ever seen something like this underneath?

    where is this, just wondering because they used architectural tackless, which is typically uses in commercial or very long runs..
  19. Ramarkusa

    Tarp question

    there are occasions when you can use straps and attach them under the soffit
  20. Ramarkusa

    rotovac 360i vs rotovac power wand

    buy buy buy...remember weight doesnt mean strength...windings will give the motor lots of weight yet the casting can be on the weak side...look closely