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  1. Able & Ready

    Concrete cleaning. How much?

    Anybody ever clean new concrete in a warehouse after construction was finished, just buff and clean dirt up? What would you charge a foot , thanks
  2. Able & Ready

    What would you charge for bad shape vct

    Hey everyone, What would you charge for this bad shape vct floor. 1500sq all open
  3. Able & Ready

    Software that reminds you when to do a clean.

    If there a program out there that anybody's tried that reminds you, say if I do a job every 5 weeks, Thanks
  4. Able & Ready

    Best way to clean a hotel

    Just wondering whats the best way to clean a 6 story hotel, I have a truck mount, and a portable but doesn't have hot water, was think maybe bucket heaters, and encap halls? thanks
  5. Able & Ready

    Adairsville/calhoun, Georgia area. Supply store/ rentals

    Looking for a carpet cleaning supply shop in Adairsville/Calhoun area. I know there's a Jon-don in Atlanta. Any place that rent portables near and also looking for local carpet cleaners in the area. Thanks Kevin
  6. Able & Ready

    Thanks Dave (aloha one) for the demon brush.

    Got a 2200 foot kitchen to do today. Thank Dave for the replacement brush and rob for the tile master. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
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    Prices on a 10+ room house

    Hey everyone, just checking to see what you guys get per room and per steps, checking to see if I'm losing out on money and giving my work for nothing, thanks Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
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    Removing gum,,,

    Is there any chems out there that will break up gum on concrete? I have around 2555 feet to clean and 520 feet of it is about almost all gum. thanks
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    price on protecting chairs and sofas,

    what would you guy charges to put maxim on 4 sofas and 2 chairs. thanks
  10. Able & Ready

    Prochem leak

    Started the prochem up today, got everything hooked up over 1000psi, 230+ temp once i put it on the Heater ex. but im have a lot of water running out of the center exhaust hole and it looks like the vac heater ex is leaking on the left side, where would most of the water be coming from? oh and i...
  11. Able & Ready

    Price on a used Pro chem legend se?

    Looking on a older legend. Starts up, idles fine, vac sucks good, there a high psi line missing from the pump to the, looks like strainer up near the left side, comes with the water tanks and waste tank, how much y'all think its worth? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums