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  1. Johnson52

    Ford 2006 E350, Prochem for sale

    Been sold. Thank you.
  2. Johnson52

    Ford 2006 E350, Prochem for sale

    Selling my 2006 Ford E350 van equipped with Prochem Blazer GT truckmount. Van is loaded up, looks good , runs good V10 motor, and has been a pleasure to own as it has been trouble free. Miles are high at 200,075 but has been well maintained. First owner who was a customer and myself. Purchased...
  3. Johnson52

    Prochem Apex air filter

    So I purchased the Kubota air filter you recommended on Ebay. The one on right is the correct filter the one on left is the Ebay purchase . Wrong information.
  4. Johnson52

    Prochem Apex air filter

    Thank you for the information.
  5. Johnson52

    Prochem Apex air filter

    Looking for a reasonably priced air filter for my Prochem Apex GTX. It is listed as a Zeems 8618119 but different manufacturer on filter and part number illegible. wants$89.56 plus tax and shipping. Hurts my cheap gene.
  6. Johnson52

    Looking to purchase my first van.

    You might mention your location as local sellers more likely to respond.
  7. Johnson52

    Today is an extremely sad day

    Sorry life can be really hard sometimes. Mom's are special.
  8. Johnson52

    Prochem Apex GTX Wanted

    Would consider buying Titan 575 in great condition. 559-679-8139
  9. Johnson52

    Johnny On The Spot Carpet Cleaning San Pedro New Van Wrap

    Good job. Looks sharp. I might have missed it approximate cost ?
  10. Johnson52

    Prochem Apex GTX Wanted

    Number was incorrect 559-679-8139 John Apex GTX wanted.
  11. Johnson52

    Truckmounts and Chemical Costs

    I spend about 2 to 3 perfect of sales on chemicals. Rather pay a little more on chemicals than a new back.
  12. Johnson52

    How many people notice???

    I suggest you make a mental note or list of national companies that openly pander , or embrace these factions and tried to not spend your money with them. Amazon, ATT , CNN whoever walk away from them if you can. That's all I have to say about.
  13. Johnson52

    Prochem Apex GTX Wanted

    Would like to purchase a well maintained somewhat lower hour Prochem Apex GTX. Very much prefer 100 gallon waste tank . Don't really need van but would consider if it makes sense. Please no get me out of hock pricing because that will be a waste of time. Thank you. John 559-6789-8139
  14. Johnson52

    Do you ever "comp" jobs?

    I don't get Workers Comp, just kidding. I am much more willing to reduce pricing in certain instances because at least with my customers they are able to retain there dignity if they paid something. That being said I am willing to pitch in if needed.
  15. Johnson52

    What % ratio is your business down with Coronavirus?

    Last week was busy doing commercial only this week maybe 35 percent of normal all work done by me empty building only.
  16. Johnson52

    Certified Pile Brush Vacuum For Sale

    I was fortunate and purchased a older model Certified Pile brush with newer brush and ten bags for $100. I had not intended to buy any equipment during crisis but at that price why not.
  17. Johnson52

    How to remove this spot from the white mattress?

    Todd had good advice. But really does it even matter. Plastic cover and sheets and poof it is gone. People worry about stuff that are of no real concern.
  18. Johnson52

    Odd stains, any ideas?

    Sorry again sounded like I meant the job you did I meant sometimes we run into no win situations.
  19. Johnson52

    Odd stains, any ideas?

    Sorry I just saw your response as cleaner. Some jobs just suck.
  20. Johnson52

    Odd stains, any ideas?

    Weird stain is right. I think it is wood stain . When previous cleaner cleaned he left very wet and he was left handed.
  21. Johnson52

    Sapphire Scientific 570 3cyl Kubota engine with 124 hrs failed...

    Don't know about your Kubota 3 cylinder but mine a 2009 model had close to 7000 hours when sold no leaks, and didn't use oil. I have another one now with 1700 hours.
  22. Johnson52

    What’s the best piece of sales advice you ever heard?

    Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  23. Johnson52

    Need a name for a new truck mount

    My suggestion Assassin and for larger unit, Conqueror for the smaller or vice versa.
  24. Johnson52

    Quoting a VCT job

    Second thought charge by the hour you will make millions.