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  1. amagicclean

    Vacuum belt change on 570SS

    I had my vacuum belts changed by my auto mechanic as I couldn’t get anyone in this holiday season. The machine sounds louder now and vibrates a lot, specially when idling lower speed. Anyone have any suggestions what could be done. Also this is another issues I’m having on the 570 SS...
  2. amagicclean

    Salt stains

    Working with salt stains on carpet. Curious, how you deal with it wicking up after cleaning when dry.
  3. amagicclean

    Clear seal on grout

    I just purchased 511 impregnator sealer. I got it for just grout sealing after cleaning. Has anyone tried this product. It is solvent base. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you, Shad.
  4. amagicclean

    TMF Tile & grout cleaning powder

    I am using the TMF Tile & grout cleaning powder & the results have been good. Also the powder version is very economical in price. Seams like once the powder is mixed, it doesn't loose its cleaning abilities even sitting over a period of time in your pump up sprayer. The slight problem I am...
  5. amagicclean

    Upholstery cleaning guard

    What is the best guard to use after cleaning upholstery that will bead? The only success I've had is going back the next day and apply 3m aerosol can from Canadian tire. Thank you.
  6. amagicclean

    Citrus gel residue

    Bonnet cleaned this carpet & tried to clean spots with Prochem citrus gel. Looked fine when done. After drying this was the result. What would you do to rinse it out.
  7. amagicclean

    CDS 4.8Overdrive W/Salsa- HydraMaster

    Does any one own one of this truckmount units? I am looking at may be making an offer on a used complete package deal. The unit is installed in a 2011 GMC 2500 Truck. The hour meter reads only 44 Hrs, the truck has less than 4,000 Km on it. Looks like brand new. The truck has been sitting all...
  8. amagicclean

    Rug Beater

    Removal of dry soils from area rugs prior to cleaning process. Shad.
  9. amagicclean

    Rug Beater

    Removal of dry soils from area rugs prior to cleaning process. Shad.
  10. amagicclean

    Cleaning office carpets.

    Just old me. I do realize I wasn't doing dry passes, but it is what it is. Not professional, but I think it came out not bad. Shad.
  11. amagicclean

    What would you do?

    I go to this commercial place where I had keys to get in. Although, I had asked them to remove as much off the floors, they didn't. So, I start removing plastic mats under cubicles & I find yellow staining under them & smells moldy. Also, I was told to not have any perfume odour as somebody in...
  12. amagicclean

    Pump,pulsating pressure when trigger at wand is released.

    I have a Sapphire 570 SS unit. pump is a Cat pump. Was working fine & all of a sudden while cleaning, the pressure started to pulsate. Go towards the machine & could hear the pump a bit noisy. Tried to hook up a pressure hose with one end open to let out any air bubbles but still didnt help...
  13. amagicclean

    Rug Beater

    I took this with my 3GS Iphone And uploaded it. Its my first time & is not good quality. Any ways, this is what I use to dust the area rugs prior to cleaning. Shad.
  14. amagicclean

    How to transfer video from Iphone to TMF

    I would like to share some video from my I phone to show in the forum. I am not a computor pro & would appreciate if some one can guide me on how I can do this in as simple explanations as possible. Thank you, Shad.
  15. amagicclean

    Color seal before/after Pictures

    I have started color sealing grout using colorclad color sealer. I have done only 6 color seal jobs so far & have been very happy with the Colorclad products. Mike @ Grouterra deserves to be complemented highly for his great service he has given me. I am still very new with Tile/Grout cleaning...
  16. amagicclean

    Silk rugs

    I have cleaned many rugs in my time with great results. The only ones I have problem with is silk rugs. I would really appreciate if anyone have cleaned silk with success to share how to clean them. Shad
  17. amagicclean

    Tile & Grout Cleaning/ How to remove clear sealerfrom grout?

    I had tried asking for help previosly regarding tile/grout tools, but no one responded. Anyways, In mid June this year, I ended up buying turbo hybrid, single jet raptor and mini turbo. I have also taken tile/grout 2 day course. Still very new with all this, but enjoying learning. I was hoping...