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    Concrete cleaning. How much?

    Thanks. It around 200k
  2. Able & Ready

    Concrete cleaning. How much?

    Anybody ever clean new concrete in a warehouse after construction was finished, just buff and clean dirt up? What would you charge a foot , thanks
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    Carpet manufactures changing yarn again

    Mohawk just released its new carpet line" smartstand forever clean"Friday. Haven't got any in yet so don't know how soft it is but the silk is very soft.
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    Preload 5 Prespray Testimonial Thread

    Got two 5 gal pails at interlink the other day
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    Almost got into a fist fight with a customer

    Always the last guy or Ive never pay payed that much for my carpet cleaning as the worms are crawling by..
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    What would you charge for bad shape vct

    All bad shape only got about 300sq feet on a black pad!
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    What would you charge for bad shape vct

    I did half the other day put 2 coats on it, guy never asked for a price, just needed it done.
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    What would you charge for bad shape vct

    Hey everyone, What would you charge for this bad shape vct floor. 1500sq all open
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    Some help Burlington NC

    That's only a hour from Raleigh, I know there's somebody there that will drive that for some work
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    Software that reminds you when to do a clean.

    If there a program out there that anybody's tried that reminds you, say if I do a job every 5 weeks, Thanks
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    I am getting Stoned

    Plastic wrap everything up and floors
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    Post a funny picture!!!

  13. Able & Ready

    Employee Commision-What's included and what is not?

    I pay my helper 20% on carpet and tile. And little extra when he helps out on the truck
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    Best way to clean a hotel

    Talk to them few times about it, sounds like they not to sure about having a floor empty at a time, i do know the tops floors will be hard to get in to due to long stay rooms... Just hope it's not a total hassle
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    What are you doing to grow your busniess???

    What's your opinion on walking door-to-door neighborhood leaving postcards?
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    VCT Questions

    Depends on how the floor looks, if it's still got a little shine to it, I'd mix some simple green in a gal of water and mop on buff with a green pad and wet vac off and mop few times fresh water. Then add 2-3 coats of finish
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    Best way to clean a hotel

    Just wondering whats the best way to clean a 6 story hotel, I have a truck mount, and a portable but doesn't have hot water, was think maybe bucket heaters, and encap halls? thanks
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    Adairsville/calhoun, Georgia area. Supply store/ rentals

    Looking for a carpet cleaning supply shop in Adairsville/Calhoun area. I know there's a Jon-don in Atlanta. Any place that rent portables near and also looking for local carpet cleaners in the area. Thanks Kevin
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    Aloha Dave

    Get well Dave! Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
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    Tile Grout Bid I am working on.

    Can't re grout over top of old grout will never hold up, going to have remove it to the thinset Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums
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    CRAZY PHONE CALL!!! What would you do??

    I'd say screw it and go clean it, money's money, he won't be the last crazy person to call Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums