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  1. Joe280

    Hose Part number

    Hi one knows what is this hose part number? I have boxxer 421 this hose is in the carburetor to the air filter Thank you
  2. Joe280

    Need a hydraulic Hose

    Hi My Hose just explode on my boxxer 421, I tried to get it a replacement but seems to be very expensive Don Jon has it for $313 any one knows if is another place where I can get it cheaper? because it's seems like is too expensive for 5 foot hose Thank you Hose, 5/16 x 49 1/2 Teflon w/ 3/8...
  3. Joe280

    My video using the rotovac 360i

    I just wanted to share with the forum my video from few years ago it's really very good advertising
  4. Joe280

    My truck mount won't heat

    I have boxxer 421 it stopped heating also I noticed the waste water tank filled up very quickly can anybody know if any sensor is making this happen or is something else T. I. A. Jose Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using TMF Forums mobile app