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    hydromaster vs mytee upholstery tool

    I have had a hydra master dry master Upholstery tool for a while and I am looking at the Mytee tool has anyone used both and could give me your opinion. thanks Brad
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    My Stand up Comedy DVD

    A few of you may know that besides owning and operating my own carpet cleaning business I am also a stand up comic. I have even done a show at Connections a few years back in Vegas. I don't know if this is the place to annouce this but I have just released my first DVD entiltled "It Just...
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    My truckmount from a local guy

    I have been buying my truckmonts from JCSS in Salem NH. My friend Lenny Fawn makes them himself and does a great job. The one I have now is about 8 yrs old and running as strong as ever. 20 HP kohler engine and the heat comes from a "Magic Duck" Kerosine system that gets the water as hot as you...
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    Hello, My name is Brad Mastrangelo and I own and operate Mastrangelo's Carpet Cleaning in Wayland Ma. I have been in the business for 21yrs. I am married and have a daughter Sophia. I am also a stand up comedian and I work all around the country. I look forward to sharing info with all of...