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  1. gr4474

    Need both float valves

    I should have said float SWITCH in the title, but I can't edit. Thanks Kip lol. Here is a different style someone recomended in another thread, but it's 240 volt. Is that right?
  2. gr4474

    Need both float valves

    what about this for the recovery tank? Not sure about the voltage.
  3. gr4474

    Need both float valves

    I have a Prochem Blazer xl. I would like to avoid the $80 Prochem part for the water intake box. what would be a good but cheaper alternative. Also, the recovery tak float valve is bad. I can't find the Cat Pumps black plastic one for sale...but this one is easy to find: Is this a good valve...
  4. gr4474

    Has anyone ever seen a solution line like this?

    oops thanks kip I can't edit my post
  5. gr4474

    Has anyone ever seen a solution line like this?

    I posted link to Dutmeier, but didn’t show. Like $80 shipped for 100 ft, but find it youself...cuz link
  6. gr4474

    Cobbs thermoplastic solution hose
  7. gr4474

    Has anyone ever seen a solution line like this?

    I just paid $140 for 100 ft at another place. To late since it shipped yestersay.
  8. gr4474

    The WORST Prochem engineering

    I have to replace a hose (Blazer xl) leading from the main heat exchanger to just above the water pressure dial/adjustment. That nut is jammed in a corner, and i had to buy a $54 crows foot set just for a hope to get to it. Even still it is a NIGHTMARE. Still trying. Rant over
  9. gr4474

    Looking for foggable disinfectants.

    Good point, but it is literally impossible to even try to claim and sue a cleaning company over getting sick. The way the narrative is, you supposedly can carry the virus with no symptoms. So the exact vague thing that is freaking people out over a exaggerated boogie man, is what will protect a...
  10. gr4474

    My prediction for carpet cleaning this year

    The flu agenda warned a year ago. watch signed out of google
  11. gr4474

    My prediction for carpet cleaning this year

    Dang I've been saying for years what's coming.
  12. gr4474

    I'm Shutting IT Down.......

    This is all about not only a coming mandatory vaccine WORLDWIDE...but a type of chip that proves you have the vaccine. Without it you cannot go in public, or buy or sell. Revelation 13...
  13. gr4474

    The Carpet Cleaners Single Jet Shower Head

    That is best used to flush out pet stains. 2 totally different uses
  14. gr4474

    Butler Wanted

    I would be open to Butler, CDS or Cleanco
  15. gr4474

    Butler Wanted

    Looking for a clean Butler. ok would also consider CDS...
  16. gr4474

    New Prochem Peak 500 who’s got one?

    I don't understand that logic. Buy a small name machine, and sell it for less than you paid. Buy a big name machine...and also sell it for less than you paid. I listened to an audio book years ago on finances called "Financial Peace". I liked everything but his thinking on mobile homes. He...
  17. gr4474

    CONTEST Contest with Brian Hass’s new rap video!

    Awesome! Hey don't ship mine, because I'm putting in an order tomorrow, and you can add it to my prize. I want to order a pail of RSF and a case of Unchained. I finally tried RSF from my sample yesterday, and it was good. :) THANK YOU!