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  1. bonesheal

    Keech Clean

    Keech Clean will give you dramatically cleaner carpets! We specialize in repairing pet damage, cleaning pet stains, and removing pet odors from your carpet.
  2. bonesheal

    Do enzymes have a limited shelf life?

    I use them so fast I'd like to start buying in large quantities.
  3. bonesheal

    Criticize my new website

    I've been holed up for several weeks trying to get this all the way I want it, and I'm pretty close. I'm willing to take suggestions--I was trying to get as much information on the first page as I could. Also, check out my prices page and see if the quote form makes sense to you...
  4. bonesheal

    Joe Bristor--read all the way to the end

    Joe called me when the Cool Cuff thread was up, told me he couldn't log on to TMF to defend himself, and asked me to ask Rob a specific question about Rob's assertion that Joe's original design was a rip off (I think the question was who told him that). I told him I wasn't willing to do that...
  5. bonesheal

    YouTube user pages list

    If you have a YouTube account, list it in this thread and I'll put it in the list at the top. If you wonder why, read Joe Hill's YouTube thread.
  6. bonesheal

    Water Softeners

    Do you use one? Which one do you use?
  7. bonesheal

    2002 Butler System 75k mi 2300 hr $14k

    '02 Butler System in GMC Savana. The van has only one problem, a power steering problem that makes it pull to the left when you brake hard. I’ll fix that before I sell it, it just hasn’t bothered me enough to take the time off. The TM has two problems: the float valve on the freshwater...
  8. bonesheal

    Poll: pre printed invoices

    I used to use pre-printed carbonless invoices, but I prefer the image it portrays when I print name & address on the form. With a laser printer, I can't print on both copies of a carbonless form, so I've lately been writing two copies on forms I pre printed. What do you do?
  9. bonesheal

    I hope whoever I hire is smarter than I am

    or I might be paying more in workman's comp than he makes me. That's 14 stitches across 2 fingers, & the cut goes straight through the nail. I learned a little something about handling a carpet knife today. Somewhat ironically, I'm in my best grossing week ever and won't get to stop...
  10. bonesheal

    How much does a CC co sell for?

    I'm not getting ready to sell, but I am setting my long term goals and considering my exit strategy. How much does a cc co sell for, in terms of revenue, or net? Are there any general metrics, like 2x revenue, or 4x net, or if owner/op then 1x rev, 2x net? I will make some of my plans...
  11. bonesheal

    Carpeted Walls

    Does anyone clean walls with carpet on them? How do you clean them? What do you charge?
  12. bonesheal

    Invoice ideas

    It's time for me to change my invoices--I have a new address, and there are some things on my invoices I never use. Before I turn them in, does anyone have any suggestions of things that are very useful to have on an invoice?
  13. bonesheal

    Check out my new (Hitman-created) website

    John Braun put this together for me. He just finished today, so I can't tell you any figures for hits/calls, but take a look. I'm very happy with it. The process involved several calls and emails to and from John Braun, to get the thing just right. If it gets to the first page on Google in...
  14. bonesheal

    Someone found my web page

    Someone stumbled on my web page through a web search and gave me a call--this is the first one I've gotten since I started focusing on SEO, so I'm feeling very proud of myself.
  15. bonesheal

    How long to see SEO results?

    I've been incorporating tips and tricks into my search engine optimization strategy, but haven't seen any movement yet (it's been about a week). Should I be seeing results already, or does it take a while?
  16. bonesheal

    New guy

    I'm Dan, I have just completed my first year as a one-man cc co in Wake Forest, NC. I run a Butler system out of my garage.